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Unfold Your Style

Are you ready to make a fashion statement with Galaxy Z Flip3?

Galaxy smartphones transform expectations of what a smartphone can —and should—do! They get your work done like full-scale PCs while entertaining you as much as the cinemas and arcades. To top all that, they now fit your aesthetic style perfectly. Take your everyday looks to new heights with the strikingly designed Galaxy Z Flip3.

Kick it up a notch
Pair your Galaxy Z Flip3 with the iconic Galaxy Watch4 and match your taste from an array of fashionable bands.

Style it up

Seamlessly connecting fashion and technology was a farfetched thought until the Galaxy Z Flip3 brought it to life. Gone are the days when you had to change your outfit because your smartphone just wouldn’t fit. The incredibly powerful yet portable Galaxy Z Flip3 complements every style with stunning convenience. The perfect little square design fits smoothly into your clutch when you’re off to the opera or your best friend’s wedding and it will also satisfyingly slip into your micro bag or the pocket of your slimmest fitting jeans as you’re on the go.

Stand out

As with outfits, your smartphone is an extension of your distinct style. With the futuristic design and sophisticated foldability of the Galaxy Z Flip3, you get to embrace new possibilities in how you express your style. And with Galaxy Z Flip3’s palette of snazzy hues, any colour you pick is sure to get heads turning wherever you go. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is versatile, compact, and stylish – perfect for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Flaunt your flex

As a fashion enthusiast, your need to always stay on top of your game and inspire your audience. For that, you need an exceptional camera that elevates your creativity in new flex-worthy ways. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s impressive camera changes the way you capture stories, photos, and videos. Thanks to the Flex Mode, you can now capture hands-free selfies of your curated creations from whole new perspectives. So, wave goodbye to old-school selfies and brace yourself for the endless likes.

Unfold to impress

Elevate your style every day with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

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