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How SUGA of BTS has Reimagined "Over the Horizon"

Hear from SUGA about how and why he reimagined the song.

Ten years ago, Samsung set out to create a signature sound that motivated people to test their limits and open their world to greater possibilities. “Over the Horizon” has evolved over time but it’s impact is just as important today as it was a decade ago. As the world begins to open up, we embark on a new journey into the unknown. Together, we move forward and push ourselves to create a new path toward the future.
That was the inspiration world-class artist SUGA of BTS had in mind when he made his version of “Over the Horizon” – to compel listeners to explore the unknown and open their hearts to endless possibilities. No one knows what will unfold, but together, we can dream, go beyond our limits and overcome any obstacles we may face over the horizon.

Download “Over the Horizon by SUGA of BTS”

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