Free your inner travel blogger

Learn how to capture your adventures with Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Travel always inspire moments that deserve to be treasured forever. And with the perfect camera in your hand, you can capture stories like never before – enabling you to tell and share them anywhere in an instant. Here are a few ways to take your travel photography to the next level.

Capture all the easy-to-miss details
Tap the shutter and move around for 15 seconds, and Single Take will offer you up to 14 variations of photos and videos so you can choose the best shot that encapsulates the moment.

Keep mementos

Travelling is about being in the moment, while trying new things. From visiting new landmarks to meeting new people, making friends to indulging in new cuisines, every moment is a new experience. Just make sure you have the right camera to document it all! With the next-level cameras of the Galaxy S21 smartphone, you can zoom up to 100X and capture stunning 108MP shots of your trip – that's super crisp details of your sightseeing. On top of that, the powerful battery in every Galaxy S21 will keep up with your shutterbug demands – all day and night.

Water? Whatever
With the water resistant* Galaxy S21 Ultra, water won’t hold you back from acing your adventures.

Capture all the action*

Whether you are birdwatching, climbing a mountain or riding a camel in the heart of the desert, the cameras in your Galaxy S21 Ultra have you covered, capturing dynamic, yet stabilized 8K videos without even needing a tripod, letting you enjoy the action, rather than worrying about the shot. And with 8K Video Snap, you can pull high-resolution 33MP photos out of your 8K video – so you never miss a moment.

*We will add a disclaimer: Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is rated as IP68. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use.

Create the perfect story

Utilise the editing suite on your Galaxy S21 Ultra to craft your storytelling. Edit your shots, insert transitions, play with the speed, or merge photos and 8K videos together to create the perfect story, and impress your followers. Complement your stories with the perfect captions to transport your full experience to the world.

Treasure your memories
With up to 512GB of built-in memory, you can store thousands and thousands of high-resolution photos and videos.

Treat yourself

You are the hero of your journey so make sure you spoil yourself with the best portraits. With the studio-like Portrait mode on the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera, you will create stunning portraits wherever you go– say bye to choosing a filter!

Feed your Wanderlust

Put on a masterclass in travel photography with Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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