Connect Galaxy Watch Active to mobile / Bluetooth Headset

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

To connect your Galaxy Watch Active to a Mobile Device, install the Galaxy Wearable App on the Mobile Device. Depending on your Mobile Device, you can download the Galaxy Wearable App from the following places:

• Samsung Android devices: Galaxy Apps, Play Store

• Other Android devices: Play Store   

Please note: You cannot install the Galaxy Wearable App on the Mobile Devices that do not support Galaxy Watch Active syncing. Ensure that your Mobile Device is compatible with a Galaxy Watch Active

On Galaxy Watch Active

1 Turn on the Galaxy Watch Active and swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. A screen will appear about downloading and installing the Galaxy Wearable App
2 Tap the Globe icon and select a language to use and follow the on-screen instructions

On Mobile Device

1 Launch Galaxy Wearable . If necessary, update the Galaxy Wearable App to the latest version
3 Select your device on the screen. If you cannot find your device, tap MINE’S NOT HERE
4 Tap TURN ON when the Bluetooth activation request window appears
5 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection. When completing the connection, an on-screen tutorial will appear on both the Galaxy Watch Active’s screen and the Mobile Device. Follow the on-screen instructions to learn the Galaxy Watch Active’s basic controls

Please note:
• Connection methods and screen may vary depending on your Mobile Device and software version

• When you connect your Galaxy Watch Active to a Mobile Device for the first time after resetting it, the Galaxy Watch Active’s battery may drain more quickly while syncing data, such as contacts

• Supported Mobile Devices and features may vary depending on your region, service provider,and device manufacturer

When you connect the Galaxy Watch Active to your new Mobile Device, on-screen instructions will ask you to reset the Galaxy Watch Active. Make sure to back up any important data stored in your Galaxy Watch Active before connecting to a new Mobile Device. Tap Back
up data > to securely back up the stored data.

1 On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Connect to new phone > Tick icon .

The connection between your Galaxy Watch Active and your Mobile Device will end. After a light reset, it will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode
2 On your new Mobile Device, launch Galaxy Wearable to connect to your Galaxy Watch Active.

If the Mobile Device is already connected to another device, launch Galaxy Wearable on your Mobile Device and tap > Add new device to connect with a new device

Your Galaxy Watch Active and Mobile Device are connected via Bluetooth. When a Bluetooth connection is not available, you can remotely connect the Galaxy Watch Active to your Mobile Device by using your Samsung account via the mobile network or the Wi-Fi network.

This allows you to continue receiving notifications from your Mobile Device.

This feature is automatically activated when you connect to your Mobile Device via Bluetooth for the first time.

If this feature is not turned on, launch Galaxy Wearable on your Mobile Device and follow these steps:

1 Tap Home
2 Tap Account and backup
2 Tap the Remote connection switch

You can listen music and have a phone conversations when connecting Bluetooth Headset to Galaxy Watch Active.

On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > BT headset.

• Bluetooth : Turn the Bluetooth feature on or off

• BT headset: Search for Bluetooth headsets and connect them to the Galaxy Watch Active

Please note:
• Samsung is not responsible for the loss, interception, or misuse of data sent or received via Bluetooth

• Always ensure that you share and receive data with devices that are trusted and properly secured. If there are obstacles between the devices, the operating distance may be reduced

• Some devices, especially those that are not tested or approved by the Bluetooth SIG, may be incompatible with your device

• Do not use the Bluetooth feature for illegal purposes. Samsung is not responsible for the repercussion of illegal use of the Bluetooth feature

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