What are the new design features on Samsung Galaxy S10?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022
What are the new design features on Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

The Galaxy S10 offers an experience that sets the new standard for Mobile Devices. It goes above and beyond with all its features and even rivals professional gear.

You can watch movies on its Cinematic Display, take Professional-looking pictures, shoot Steady Videos that look like they were taken with action cam, and enjoy its all-day battery without any worries.

A New Design

The Galaxy S10 redefines the Galaxy S style, creating a new standard.

Its expansive Infinity-O Display creates an edge-to-edge experience for a unified design with no notch, bezel-less, and less visual distraction. Its futuristic, shimmering colors give it a fresh look and feel. The future is just within your reach.

New Design & Color

Witness the impressive marriage of futuristic materials and innovative colors. Prism White, the signature color of the Galaxy S10 series creates magical color tones and dreamy shades that transform with the viewing angle. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ both feature a symmetrical, curved edge screen, and the innovative, gradient glass back expresses a full range of subtle, iridescent colors that match the gradient metal frame to show off your excellent taste.

• Symmetrical curved edge screen

• Prism White color for all models in the Galaxy S10 series

• Prism Black/Green colors with a gradient glass back

The Galaxy S10+ Ceramic version features not only a symmetrical, curved edge screen, but also a ceramic body, which means it's more durable and scratch resistant. The seamless ceramic body’s deep black and white colors complete its perfectly elegant look, and it’s super refined for a whole new level of sensory feelings, with a high gloss finish and mysterious color tones.

• Ceramic White & Ceramic Black with a premium ceramic body (Galaxy S10+ Ceramic version only)

Infinity-O Display

The secret of the Galaxy S10’s state-of-the-art technology is in its screen. The Galaxy S10’s sensors are embedded beneath the display, so it has more room for a wider screen, with a 19:9 aspect ratio. Push your viewing experience to the edge with the Galaxy S10.

• Proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor, embedded in the screen


The Galaxy S10 is now stronger than ever. The Galaxy S10 comes equipped with the all-new Gorilla Glass 6 on the front window, so it reduces and prevents everyday wear, along with dents and screen cracks caused by dropping it. Plus, device comes with a cover and screen protector in the box for added protection.

With the Galaxy S10, discover the true meaning of durability.

• Extra-strong Gorilla Glass 6 for increased durability

• Includes a cover and screen protector

• Rated IP68 for water & dust resistance

Compact Size & Lighter Than Ever

Hold the Galaxy S10 to feel how compact and light it is. Even with its larger screen and more immersive viewing experience, it boasts a slimmer design and a lighter weight than the previous model for a perfectly comfortable one-handed grip.

Hold it for yourself. You’ll immediately feel the difference.

• Larger screen than the previous version (S10+/S10)

• Slimmer body and lighter weight

One UI: A Totally New User Experience

The Galaxy S10’s intuitive One UI helps you do what you want more easily. Clean focus blocks show essential information that's relevant to what you’re looking at on your phone, making it easier to focus on the things you're interested in.

Its UI screen area is neatly divided into viewing and interaction areas to let you naturally control functions with just one hand. Also, its new Night mode helps you comfortably use your phone at night without feeling overwhelmed by the brightness of your screen.

• Focus blocks that help you focus on what matters to you

• Separated viewing & interaction areas for comfortable, one-handed usage

• Night mode for comfortable use in the dark

One UI Concept
Cinematic Display

The Galaxy S10’s new Dynamic AMOLED display ensures a higher resolution with more dynamic color and sharper contrast for an experience at almost the same level as premium TVs. It supports HDR 10+ with Dynamic Tone Mapping to express colors naturally, so you can enjoy accurate color and an optimal level of brightness for scenes you’re watching. Lose yourself in the Galaxy S10’s immersive screen.

Cinematic Display in the Palm of Your Hands

Enjoy a cinematic display, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The Galaxy S10 is the first smartphone in the world to feature a Dynamic AMOLED display that supports HDR 10+ with Dynamic Tone Mapping. This lets you see the scene with a wider color gamut and optimizes the brightness of scenes to show the most delicate of details, such as clouds in a bright sky. Also, through the mDNIe

graphic chip's optimized tuning technology, the Galaxy S10 expresses colors accurately with 0.4 JNCD. See the difference for yourself.

• Dynamic AMOLED display

• The first smartphone ever to support HDR 10+ with Dynamic Tone Mapping

• Supports various HDR 10+ content from Amazon Prime Video and YouTube

• Incredible color accuracy: 0.4 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference)

See Colors How They Were Meant to Be Seen

Enjoy lifelike images with the Galaxy S10’s groundbreaking display. Its ability to code color in low-gradation ranges has been improved thanks to its new advanced dithering algorithm. Even when scenes are really dark, you can see an amazing range of colors.

• More accurate color coding through an improved, low-gradation dithering algorithm

A Screen for Bright and Sunny Days

Enjoy watching videos even on sunny days!

The Galaxy S10 has taken the Dynamic AMOLED display a step further. Thanks to a new material form, Dynamic AMOLED, the screen can get as bright as 800 nits, so you can savor every detail, even in strong sunlight.

With the Galaxy S10, you’ll capture details more clearly.

• Enhanced clarity and brightness, great for outdoor viewing, even in strong sunlight

• A screen with brightness of up to 800 nits(14% brighter than the S9)

Put Your Eyes at Ease with Blue Light Protection

If you use your phone throughout your day, it’s important to protect your eyes.

The Galaxy S10’s advanced display decreases the amount of harmful blue light emitted from the screen while maintaining the original color tone of videos and images, even without activating a dedicated blue light filter. It’s easier than ever to reduce eye strain while enjoying vibrant, natural color.

• Reduced blue light display with no additional blue light filter

• Color temperature & tone optimization
• Good Night Routine - auto blue light mode activated by learning your bedtime routine

Vault-like Security

Experience an advanced on-screen fingerprint recognition system available on a smartphone.

The Galaxy S10 represents the new normal for smartphone security by adopting ultrasonic fingerprint authentication, which is secure, and different from other fingerprint authentication technologies on other smartphones.

Its on-screen detection allows you to easily unlock your phone, making it the epitome of convenience. Make the new normal part of your daily life and enjoy unparalleled convenience.

Simply Touch the Screen

There’s no need to go through complicated procedures to unlock your phone. The fingerprint guideline appears on the screen when necessary, so you can conveniently confirm your identity simply by placing your finger on the guide when you see it.  Also, it's easy to do when you're holding the device with just one hand, no matter how you hold it. Try it for yourself to see how convenient and intuitive it is.

Ultrasonic Authentication for Advanced Security

Not every on-screen fingerprint recognition system is the same. Unlike the optical type, which uses light, or the Cap type, which uses electricity, the Galaxy S10 uses ultrasonic waves to recognize the characteristics of 3D objects, so it can distinguish between a real finger and a 2D fake one.

This gives you a accurate, secure way to authenticate your fingerprint. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor brings you convenience and security.

• Ultrasonic recognition authenticates your fingerprint accurately, and securely

Vault-like Security with Anti-spoofing Features

The Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can distinguish between real and fake fingerprints. It can tell your fingerprint apart from anyone else’s, even if they’re you’re identical twin. The Galaxy S10 uses ultrasonic waves to prevents them from unlocking your phone, since it can distinguish between the unique ridges of a real finger and inorganic 2D copies.

The Galaxy S10 will keep all your personal information safe as like your personal vault for.

• Fingerprint distinction, even between twins

• Filter out a 2D fake fingerprints

Always-on Fingerprint Sensor

Unlock your Galaxy S10 in an easy, convenient way. Its ultrasonic sensor recognizes fingerprints, even with humidity, sunlight, or changes in the ambient temperature. With the ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint sensor for advanced usability, add some convenience to daily life.

• Sensor works with humidity, sunlight, or changes in the ambient temperature

Professional Grade Camera

It’s never easy to capture scenes as beautiful as you see with your eyes, so the results are often more disappointing than reality. Now, you can capture photos the way you want with the Galaxy S10.

Its multiple lenses, including a wide-angle lens like you’d find on a DSLR camera, and Intelligent system give you a professional shooting experience. Shoot like a pro without any of the professional equipment or training. Makes “now” look better than real.

Lens Switching Experience with One Hand

Enjoy the feeling of having a full kit of professional lenses at your fingertips. With the Galaxy S10, you can create a variety of unique photos, like ultra wide angle shots that capture the vastness of nature and artistic out-of-focus shots. Use the ultra wide, wide, and zoom lenses to take photos with different angles, and use its dual-lens front camera to capture UHD videos and Live Focus shots. It makes you realize that you can enjoy another level of shooting experience with its multiple lenses.

• Three rear cameras that can switch between telephoto (2x optical zoom) to wide-angle (123° Ultra Wide Angle)

• Dual-lens front camera that creates UHD videos and artistic Live Focus effects (S10+ only)

Incredibly Expansive Panoramas

The Galaxy S10’s Ultra Wide lens captures scenes wider than a normal lens thanks to its 123° angle of view, which is similar to the human eye’s 120° angle of view.

This lets you take panorama shots that are wider than normal. Also, intelligent distortion correction is automatically applied depending on whether people are in the shot.

See the bigger picture with the Ultra Wide lens to get a stunning panoramic perspective.

• Ultra wide 123° angle of view

• Intelligent distortion correction

Intelligent Camera for Optimized Scenes

Just capture your photos and let the Galaxy S10 take care of the complicated settings. It optimizes your color tone and shooting effects in your photos by recognizing 30 types of scenes that are popular among millennials.

Also, Local Tone Mapping* technology brings out your photos' details so you can get results that look like they were shot and edited by a professional photographer.

Found a subject you want to capture? Shoot without hesitation.

• Improved scene recognition up to 30

• Local Tone Mapping that improves the expression of highlights and shadows

• Recommends additional shooting effects (Ultra Wide Suggestion, Bright Night, Starburst, Document scan) based on scenes

Shot Suggestions for Well-composed Shots

Composition determines the quality of your photos, no matter how beautiful your subject is, because it's the most fundamental component of a good photo. The Galaxy S10 uses AI technology to recommend a perfect composition by referencing a database of over 100 million photos. Spend less time planning the perfect shot and more time shooting.

• Shows the ideal composition via the analysis of 100,000,000 photo examples

• Shot suggestions for the best shots

Bright Night Shot for Catching Details in Dark Settings

It’s never easy to capture night scenes clearly. Even the smallest movement can make your photos turn out blurry in low-light conditions.

Of course, this isn't a problem for the Galaxy S10. It creates a single composite photo by combining 7 photos.

Don’t just look at beautiful night scenes, keep the memory forever.

• Supports photo stabilization: Combines 7 photos when shooting

Intelligent Camera for Artistic Live Focus Effects

The Galaxy S10’s front camera turns your selfie into a cool work of art as soon as you take it. To create a Live Focus effect, the Galaxy S10+ uses its dual front cameras, and the Galaxy S10e and S10 use software, like Neural Processing Units. It not only automatically applies a Live Focus effect to your selfies, it also gives you four different effects to choose from so you can make your photos more artistic. Be the star of your photos.

• Live Focus lets you adjust the depth of field

• Get artistic Live Focus effects by using dual cameras (S10+) and Neural Processing Units (S10e & S10)

• Four Live Focus effects (Blur, Spin, Zoom, Color point)

Stylish, Motion AR Emoji

The newly reimagined AR Emoji feature gives you a more natural look and even tracks your movements. You can now get a more stylish appearance with the improved graphics and more proportionate emoji features. It tracks not only your face but also your eyes, tongue, and body movements, including your arms and legs.

With the new AR Emoji, express your emotions naturally and in more detail. It's like you're looking at your own reflection in the mirror.

• More stylish and natural appearance

• More facial expression (Note9: 75 kinds -> S10: 167 kinds)

• Face tracking including tongue and eyeball & Body motion tracking

Pro Level Action Camera

With the Galaxy S10, you’re ready to be a SNS influencer. Create polished, lively videos on the same level as an action cam with the Super Steady.

Its vibrant color tone and front UHD resolution also help make every single scene incredibly lifelike. Transform your everyday videos into cinematic masterpieces.

Bring Every Scene to Life in High-quality Video

Capture moments that look as impressive as you experienced. As the world's first HDR 10+ with Dynamic Tone Mapping smartphone, the Galaxy S10 improves every scene’s color. It delicately captures the outline of each subject clearly without blurring to bring out the smallest of details, regardless of whether the scene is too bright or dark.

From start to finish, your videos will leave an impression.

• Color gamut 2x wider than SDR when recording videos with HDR 10+ & detailed color expression via 10-bit encoding

• Supports various HDR 10+ content from Amazon Prime Video and YouTube

Smooth Video in a Wide Range of Situations

No need to buy expensive camera equipment or hire a professional photographer. The Galaxy S10’s Super Steady offers superior quality like a professional level action cam, so you can record clear video with no shaking. Take your videos to the next level!

• Super Steady in FHD resolution with an Ultra Wide angle that ensures the quality of a pro-level action cam

Upgraded Super Slow-mo

Enjoy the benefits of the Galaxy S10’s super fast 960 fps filming ability.

The shooting time for Super Slow-mo videos has been doubled for when you’re recording in HD resolution, so you don't have to record again just because you didn't get  the right timing perfect. With Super Slow-mo, remember your best days in a more fun and special way.

• 2x more shooting time in HD resolution (Note9: 0.2 s/0.4 s → S10: 0.4s/0.8 s*)

• Allows editing of Super Slow-mo section

UHD Resolution, Dual Pixel Front Camera

The stereotype of a front camera’s resolution being low is over.

The Galaxy S10’s 10 MP front main camera supports UHD resolution with its Dual Pixel technology to capture your moments just like you remember them. So, you can make sure your look is great by checking  the preview screen. With its front camera, capture yourself and all your fun moments with vibrant selfie videos.

• The 10 MP front main camera supports UHD resolution

• Fast Dual Pixel autofocus

Intelligent Performance

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you combined the best hardware with a smarter brain? The Galaxy S10 has the answer.

Bixby Vision gives you an enhanced AR experience that lets you find information about what’s around you easily. The Galaxy S10’s Intelligent Performance Enhancer also learns and analyzes your daily routines, including your usage patterns, via machine learning.

Based on the data it collects, it optimizes its hardware performance and provides information to help you in your daily life. The Galaxy S10 is the guide you need to lead you to the world you've dreamed of.

Bixby Voice, The AI Platform with Everything You Need

Meet the AI Platform with maximized convenience. The new Bixby Voice is optimized just for you. In Bixby Marketplace, you can find various Bixby Capsules that reacts quickly to your voice commands from its cloud platform. So, you can get the information instantly when you tell Bixby what you need.

The capsules can be activated based on your needs. And thanks to its multi device connection feature, you can switch between your phone and the Galaxy Home speaker to listen to songs seamlessly, or you can accept a call on your Galaxy Home speaker when your phone is too far away. Upgrade your daily life with Bixby!

• Bixby Capsule instantly reacts to your voice and provides the information you need

• MDE (Multi Device Experience) for media continuity & seamless connection between devices

A Clever Assistant That Responds Only to You

Once you register your voice in Bixby, it not only understands your words, it can also tell whether the voice it's hearing is yours or not. This means the Galaxy S10 can be unlocked with your voice so you can conveniently control Bixby when your phone is out of reach.

You can also set a wake-up commands with 3 to 6 syllables to wake up different devices around your house.

With Bixby Voice, use your voice in more ways and get the help you want.

• Voice recognition & voice unlocking for your phone

• Supports setting voice wake-up commands for different devices

Get What You Want in Real-time

Don’t hesitate anymore! Just point the Galaxy S10’s camera at the thing you want to know more about. Its upgraded Bixby Vision use a built-in AI that provides faster image recognition than the previous version to search for information by recognizing about 1,000 kinds of objects. In Bixby Vision Lens mode, you can even check out shopping items you want automatically and tap the heart icon to easily add them to your wish list and manage them. Magnify the world to look at the details.

• 10 kinds of image recognition options in Lens mode using on-device AI that provides faster image recognition (Shopping, Image, Text, Food, Wine, Book, QR Code, AR Translate, Place*, Deals*)

• Easily create & manage wish lists

Please note:
• Place and Deals show results based on GPS information, not image recognition
• Availability will vary by country

Step into the AR Universe

Bring your dreams to life in real time. In Bixby Vision Apps mode, you can easily arrange furniture or home appliances in your living space.

It also lets you try on makeup, see how your hair would look dyed, check your skin condition, try out glasses, and watch movie trailers.

It helps you try things out that match your tastes before buying them. Explore the limits of your imagination with Bixby Vision.

You won't believe how easy it is.

• 4 kinds of AR utilization (Home Décor, Make Up, Styling, Picture Play)

Please note:
• Availability will vary by country

24-Hour Intelligent Battery

If you forget to charge your phone at night, it's not a big deal anymore. Along with having a longer-lasting battery, the Galaxy S10 intelligently learns your App usage patterns to maximize battery performance and efficiency.

Based on your patterns, it optimizes your phone's power consumption by closing Apps that aren't used often. It also automatically switches to Power Saving mode when you need it.

• Larger battery capacity than the previous versions (S10e: 3,100 mAh, S10: 3,400 mAh, S10+: 4,100

•Automatically optimizes the battery usage based on the apps being used

•AI Power Saving mode automatically turns on & off based on your situation

A Handy Manager with a Smarter Brain

Touch less and do more of your important tasks with Bixby Routines helping you with the things you need. It uses machine learning to remember your routines provides you with useful information.

Bixby Routines can immediately perform multiple actions based on your routines and current situation, like when you're driving home or going to work. Simply check alerts on the intuitive Dashboard or Face-widget.

Save time without try and enjoy your life.

• Multiple actions performed automatically based on user pattern machine learning and situational awareness

• 6 personalized routines (Good Morning, Work, Home, Before Bed, Save Battery at night, Driving)

• 9 preset routines (Going to work, Heading Home, School, Charging, Meeting, Workout, Auto rotate, Open app, Save Battery)

Next-generation Speeds Like You’ve Never Seen

Share your best moments in real time with live videos. The next generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, is here to bring you faster speeds. This is yet another first for the Galaxy S10. The built-in intelligent Wi-Fi technology provides seamless connectivity and increased security even when you’re in a crowd.

Also, it seamlessly switches to its incredibly fast LTE network, with unmatched speeds of up to 2.0 Gbps DL and 150 Mbps UL, when your Wi-Fi network is weak.

Now, you can even stream QHD-resolution movies.

• Wi-Fi 6, the World’s first next-generation Wi-Fi

• Intelligent Wi-Fi with seamless connectivity and strong security in crowds

• The World’s first super fast LTE that supports 2.0 Gbps download speeds and 150 Mbps upload speeds

Wireless PowerShare

It's time to share your power. The Galaxy S10 has a new way of wireless charging that changes the whole concept of charging a phone.

The Galaxy S10 comes equipped with a charging pad in its body, so you can use it for wirelessly sharing battery power with another smart device in urgent situations. You can charge your Galaxy S10 and another compatible device with just one charger.

Change your digital world by sharing the power of the Galaxy S10.

Wireless Charging when You Need It Most

When your wearable runs out of battery, don’t worry if you don’t have a charger. With just the Galax S10, you can use the Wireless PowerShare feature to share battery power with another wearable or smartphone without a charger, which is perfect for emergency situations.

Dual Charging also lets you charge your Galaxy S10 and another device at the same time using a wired charger. Simply place the device that needs to be charged on the back of your Galaxy S10 in Wireless PowerShare mode when using a cable to charge the Galaxy S10.

Share your power with other devices.

• Use Wireless PowerShare to charge devices in urgent situations when you don't have a charger

• Dual Charging charges the Galaxy S10 and another device simultaneously with only one wired charger

• Charges other smartphone brands that support WPC Qi certified devices

• Wireless PowerShare & Dual Charging are most efficient when a device is placed on the center of the Galaxy S10

Faster Wireless Charging Yet

Thanks to its Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology, wirelessly charging the Galaxy S10 is faster than previous model. The Galaxy S10 supports 12 W wireless charging with the Wireless Charger Duo Pad, so it can wirelessly charge up to 33% faster than the previous model.

Now, the Galaxy S10 can spend less time on the wireless charger and more time in your hands.

• Fast Wireless Charging 2.0

• Supports 12 W wireless chargers

• Turbo cooling fan reduces heat for faster, safer charging

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