What is Samsung DeX Pad and how to use it?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018
What is Samsung DeX Pad

In this FAQ:

• What is Samsung DeX Pad and how to use it

• How to connect Samsung Dex Pad to a device

• How to navigate Samsung Dex Pad with a device

• Difference between Samsung Dex, Mirroring and Side Sync feature

• How to update Samsung Dex

What is Samsung DeX Pad and how to use it?

Samsung DeX Pad allows you to turn your phone into a computer and use it as a touchpad to navigate the Galaxy Desktop.

• Enjoy rich desktop-like experience complete with contextual menus, drag-and-drop functionality and multiple, resizable windows

• Acts as a phone charger

• Built-in cooling fan

• Lightweight: 135.4g

• Supports USD Type-C cable, HDMI, USB 2.0

Please note:
• Only on supported mobile devices running Android 8.0 or higher

• You can view the compatible device in the instruction section for the DeX Pad on the Samsung website

• If you connect a Micro USB cable, the DeX Pad may malfunction or be damaged

• All accessories, including the DeX Pad, are sold separately

• For more information about using the DeX Pad, refer to the DeX Pad’s user manual

How to connect Samsung Dex Pad to a device?

To use Samsung DeX feature, you must have DeX Pad, Charger, HDMI cable and Monitor. Mouse and keyboard are optional. A charger is required to activate Samsung DeX Pad

1 Connect the charger to the DeX Pad’s charger port (USB Type-C)
2 Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DeX Pad’s HDMI port, and plug the other end of the cable into a TV or monitor’s HDMI port
Connecting Samsung DeX to TV or Monitor

Connecting Samsung DeX to TV or Monitor

3 Connect the mobile device’s multipurpose jack to the mobile device connector (USB Type-C) on the DeX Pad
4 Select the screen mode you want to use. You can select Samsung DeX mode or Screen mirroring mode

Please note:

• Use only the Samsung-approved charger supplied with your smartphone

• Remove your mobile device from the DeX Pad when it is not in use. Otherwise, your mobile device’s battery will drain

• Use only the HDMI cable supplied with the DeX Pad. Otherwise, the DeX Pad may not work properly

• Ensure that your smartphone is horizontal to the connector. Otherwise, the DeX Pad and your smartphone may be damaged

• Remove your phone cover before use, if not, your phone may not run Samsung DeX properly

• If you want to use a keyboard or a mouse, connect them using the Dex Pad’s USB ports or via Bluetooth

• Bixby voice recognition may not work properly after connecting the DeX Pad

How to navigate Samsung Dex Pad with a device?

You can use your device as a touch pad, either horizontally or vertically. To control the screen, try the following touch pad gestures:

• Tap: Simulate left click - Select objects, open apps, activate buttons and more

• Tap with 2 fingers: Simulate right click - Show more options menu

• Swipe with 2 fingers: Scroll in any direction

• Pinch with 2 fingers: Zoom in or out

• Touch and hold: Select objects on the screen

• Touch and hold and move: Move objects around the screen or select text

Difference between Samsung Dex, Mirroring and Side Sync feature




Samsung DeX

Shows desktop-like user interface by connecting a smartphone to an external monitor and a mouse/keyboard


Shows the screen of a smartphone as it is on the external monitor

Side Sync

Shows the screen of a smartphone on a Windows PC with the purpose to operate the smartphone on the PC or to transfer files easily

How to update Samsung Dex?

1 Go to Settings on Samsung Dex Mode
2 Tap Samsung DeX > Tap About Samsung DeX
3 Tap Update

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