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  • * Images are simulated and for illustrative purposes only. All specifications and descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications and descriptions for the product. All functionality, availability, features, specifications, GUI and other product information provided herein are subject to change without notice or obligation.
  • * Tests conducted by Strategy Analytics between 11-24 July 2018 in Santa Monica, CA, USA and Milton Keynes, UK with pre-release versions of SM-N960 (128GB), estimated based on the 2017 'Average User' profile developed by Strategy Analytics AppOptix panel. Actual battery life varies depending on network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors.
  • * Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card, sold separately. Availability and launch date may vary by country.
  • * Turn on full screen mode in Settings to enjoy a greater view when playing.
  • * S Pen remote function reaches up to 10 meters in an open space. Actual performance may vary depending on environtment and other surrounding factors and conditions.
  • * Accuracy of Scene Optimizer may differ depending on shooting conditions including multiple subjects, being out of focus, or moving subjects.
  • * Accuracy of Flaw Detection may differ depending on surrounding conditions or subject.
  • * Blink and blur detection works best when there are 3 or less subjects in the frame, within 1.5m from the camera.
  • * Lens smudge and backlighting detection notifies once every 24 hours if flaw is detected.
  • * Samsung DeX is compatible with Galaxy S8/S8+, Note8, S9/S9+ and Note9 running Android 8.0+, and requires use with an external display. Tab S4 supports the Samsung DeX software. Samsung DeX Cable supports only the Note9 and Tab S4. Functions and user experience on DeX Pad and DeX Station may vary. External display and accessories including HDMI adapter, keyboard and mouse are sold separately. DeX Pad comes with HDMI and data cables, and wall charger. Certain apps may not run or may require purchase of a separate license for use on Samsung DeX.