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Thoughts That Affect Our Everyday Lives

Treating style as the core of a design is a concept of the past. Today’s designs do more than just create a beautiful exterior, they blend in and enrich our daily lives. Going beyond making improvements in usability and evolving along with the fast-changing world to innovate our lifestyles is an important role that design must play in today’s world. Design insights gained from examining user lifestyles and behaviors merge with technology, providing us with new experiences.

Samsung Electronics has been consistently creating designs that propose a singular experience in diverse areas of our day-to-day lives through various products and services. Samsung Electronics dreams of designs that beautifully accommodate every moment of our lives, whether we are eating, sleeping, wearing, or sharing stories, and makes them a reality.

New Ways of Life Created by Bold Attempts

Samsung Electronics has always presented novel designs created by bold endeavors. In this quickly changing world, Samsung Electronics took on a new perspective to focus on the experiences and values that users truly desired. Insights into the future and thoughts that reflect on the spirit of the times obtained through these efforts culminated into authentic designs that offered new ways of life with fearless and courageous resolution, leading to next level experiences.

Seeing in New Perspectives with The Sero
Today’s generation is more accustomed to watching content on a mobile device rather than the TV. Samsung Electronics introduced a vertical TV screen with The Sero, opening a new chapter for TV viewing experiences. Just by rotating the smartphone that has been mirrored to the TV, the TV screen smoothly transitions between horizontal and vertical compositions. This ingenious result has been made possible through the audacious pursuit of the trends in creation and consumption of mobile contents . The versatile TV screen is equipped with a high-performing speaker that enhances the viewing experience to be more immersive, helping users enjoy their contents in the most optimized environment. What needs to be watched horizontally will stay horizontal, and what needs to be watched vertically can stay vertical. There are now no limitations to how you watch your favorite contents.

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Transcending the Limits of the Display
As smartphone screens grew larger, we once imagined what it would be like if we could fold the big display. That imagination became a reality with the Galaxy Fold. This unprecedented device that easily folds and unfolds the display paved the path to an unexplored realm known as the foldable phone. It has completely changed the way we use smartphones and watch contents on the screen, leading users to a new world. The intuitive and simple One UI brings further completion to the innovation of the foldable phone. The cover display that is shown when the phone is folded seamlessly transitions to the main display that is revealed when the phone is opened, offering uninterrupted usability. As a result, users can interact with the innovative features of this revolutionary device without trouble.

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Blending Smoothly into Our Lives
Offering one right function that works perfectly for me instead of various other functions, while naturally harmonizing with a space that reflects my personal tastes. The Wind-Free Air Conditioner lives and breathes with the lifestyle of its user. The lower panel’s material and color can be selected to fit the interior of your home as if you would choose high quality furniture to bring class to your living space. The simple and emotional UX also establishes the air conditioner as an integral part of its space rather than just another appliance. The Aurora Lighting expresses the characteristics of different functions in unique ways, like the sensation of breathing for the Cooling Mode or the dispersing of water droplets for the Dehumidify Mode, conveying much-needed information to users in a concise language. From its exterior to the way it displays information, the user-centered design and thoughtful considerations are filled with details and friendly intentions.

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Samsung Design Philosophy, which served a pivotal role that connected Samsung designers from all around the world since 1996 when it was first instated, has seen several variations over the course of time but always had a consistent point of focus. It was always about the ‘user’.

Samsung designers’ relentless efforts to inspire users are evident in their design philosophy slogan ‘Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.’ This slogan is Samsung’s vision on delivering original and delightful user experiences. The designers first start with paying close attention and tap into what users need, becoming part of where they are going. The goal of Samsung designers is to personalize the experiences of users based on their unique habits, routines, lifestyles. This is achieved through making bold decisions, sharing ideas and fostering change. They deliver with authenticity that comes from supporting a cause.

Samsung design desires to pioneer a better world through new discoveries and challenges. Their utmost efforts to have deep and meaningful impact to the lives of users through innovations will carry on into the future.

Original article from Samsung.com here.