Unfolding the Future


7 ways to stay centered

One of the luxuries of life is knowing you can unplug from the world as and when you please. However, unplugging is merely the first step to centering yourself. Here are some tongue-in-cheek suggestions on what you can do to find your center.

1. Make a to-do list

Add inane or even inconsequential things like ‘Wake Up’ or ‘Switch off the alarm’ to your to-do list. The more things you have, the more satisfaction you’d feel when you strike them off. Go ahead, add ‘Make a list’ to your list too. Because, why not?

2. Find quiet time

It’s near impossible to find quiet time in today’s fast-paced world. Our suggestion? Walk the house in the middle of the night. When everyone is asleep and the streets are (mostly) quiet. It will be peaceful. Just don’t stare at anyone who is sleeping. Or check their phones. Where’s the challenge then?

3. Work out

Heard of the runner’s high? The point where nothing exists except you and the open road. You can do that. Or hit a yoga mat. Or even HIIT. But if you want to start slow, we’d suggest walking. Nothing beats a long walk and back. With shopping bags.

4. S-l-o-w down

Everything is ‘urgent’ and ‘I don’t have time’. We’ve heard it all. We have used better excuses ourselves. However, there is truth and benefits to taking things slow. It’s good to enjoy the adrenalin rush but why be in a hurry all the time. Blue tick someone. Let them stew.

5. Get creative

Yes, we are not all artists, painters, writers and designers but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative because creative expression is a form of catharsis, an outlet so to speak. So try your hand at basic water colour painting non-rhyming poetry. If that proves challenging, get creative with your expenses.

6. Have fun

This cannot be overstated. Laughter is the best medicine. Mix that with an apple and you may never be sick for a day. Call up a friend to share a joke and a laugh. Read a comic strip every day. Try telling jokes to a willing audience (read: your pet or plants). Just have pun.

7. Create a ritual

Just like how we know how to wake up and get ready for the day but can adapt to different order of that routine, create a day plan that gives you pockets of me-time. To simply while away, surf the Net or add stuff to your to-do list.