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Apt apps to get during the pandemic

Being stuck at home, no matter how palatial, is not that fun after a while. So here are some apps that can help tide you over in the new norm of reduced social interactions.

Rich Kids
What is the kick in showing off on IG. If you really want to flex, Rich Kids is the way to go. It is touted as the world’s most exclusive social network, where it’s going to take more than a yacht or a private jet to make an impression. #justsaying
Known as the ‘Tinder of the elite dating world’, 41% of the members are reputed to pull in at least $1M annually. So, you will fit right in. It is exclusive. Perhaps too much so. 40,000 members have been removed to prevent catfishing. You’ve been warned.

Sotheby’s International Realty
It seems like a good time to invest the spare million or two in luxurious properties. But with travel restrictions and social distancing measures, flying in on a private jet for a peek is out. Hence, Sotheby’s affords the wealthy a virtual tour of impressive properties the world over. Now, which continent do you not have a home in…
James Edition
Think of it as Carousell with a few extra zeroes in the sell price. You can find anything from a $21m private jet to a $52m yacht. There is even a category called ‘Extraordinaire’ where items include a chair made of chrome-plated AK-47s. Imagine what his personal bodyguards must be carrying.

Watches Of
If you are a watch connoisseur, this is, literally, a good way to pass your time. It is basically an encyclopaedia of every watch on the market for any given year, for both mainstream and luxury watches. When you are showing off your impressive collection of timepieces already, deliver the coup de grace with a morsel of trivia known only to a select few.

Reference: Digital Connect Mag