Samsung Level Active


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Comfort that moves with you

Samsung Level Active features flexible wingtips for a much firmer grip and silicon eartips that conform instantly to your ears for the perfect fit.

Comfort that moves with you Comfort that moves with you

*Both earhooks and wingtips can be used interchangeably.

Keeps the splashes out

Features splash-resistant P2i coating protection that repels droplets and spray from any angle. Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym or training indoors the music will keep up with you.

Keeps the splashes out Keeps the splashes out

Stay connected on the run

Track and monitor your daily fitness regimen with ease. Now you can connect to helpful applications, including S Health and Timer Launch, that bring you closer to reaching your goals.

 Stay connected on the run  Stay connected on the run

*The above features are only available exclusively with the Level Application.

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From $159.00/mo or $125,900.500
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