BQ1VQ6T012 GEO Dual Cook Electric Steam Oven 65L


BQ1VQ6T012 GEO Dual Cook Electric Steam Oven 65L Samsung's Built-in kitchen appliances are designed with a host of innovative features. With Samsung home appliances, experience the wonders of appliances that help make life easy. Create your life with refined beauty and the advanced technology of Samsung Electronics.

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BQ1VQ6T012 GEO Dual Cook Electric Steam Oven 65L


  • 60cm electric
  • 65L usable capacity
  • Steam Twin™
  • Twin Convection™ Oven

Easy Water Input and Drainage

Easy Water Input and Drainage
There is a water drawer on the front of the oven so that you can add water for generating steam inside the oven, even during steam cooking, and by pressing a button you can simply drain the remaining water after you've cooked.

Premium Real Steam Tray and Flex Glass

Premium Real Steam Tray and Flex Glass
Using the real steam tray, you are able to steam food. The 12 litre glass cover used in the multi cooking process also offers flexibility and versatility. The glass cover of the steam tray can be used as a deep glass tray. Heat resistant glass is dishwasher safe as well.
The secret ingredient is steam

The secret ingredient is steam

Get your meal just right with Real Steam Cooking (Steam only cook). Using the innovative steam generator, Real Steam Cooking (Steam only cook) delivers on important details that will help you create an unforgettable meal.
Dual Cooking

Dual Cooking

Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a family feast, the Dual Cooking feature has various cooking options to help make sure you won't keep your guests waiting for too long. The Dual Cooking feature enables you to simultaneously cook two different dishes at the same time - with different temperatures and time settings.
Pyrolytic self cleaning

Pyrolytic self cleaning

Keep your oven virtually clean without breaking a sweat. With Pyrolytic Clean the oven does the cleaning and the sweating. The pyrolytic process superheats the oven to approximately 500°C to burn off any deposits from baking, roasting and grilling. But even at this intense temperature, the oven remains safe and the door cool. You’re left with a virtually clean oven.

tech specs

Dimension of BQ1VQ6T012/XSA

Main Specifications

  • Oven Type

    Dual Cook (Twin Convection)

  • Oven Doors


  • Door Type

    Handle, Drop Down

  • Display Type

    New Amber (Twin LED)

Technical Information

  • Clock


  • Child Safety Lock

    Yes (Hidden)

  • Cook Timer


  • End Timer


  • Language Option


  • Upper Grill (In/Out)

    1,600 / 1,100 W

  • Lower Grill

    1,100 W

  • Single Mode (Top Heat + Convection)


  • Single Mode (Grill - top heater only)


  • Single Mode (Small Grill)


  • Single Mode (Bottom + Convection)


  • Convection

    1,200 (upper) / 1,200 (lower)

  • Cleaning Method


  • Steam Clean


  • Interior Lamp (watts)

    1 x 25

  • Interior Light (Position)

    Back, side

  • Light (Lamp) On/Off



Heating / Elements

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single)

    Single: 40-250 / Grill: 40-270 °C

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Upper, Lower)

    Upper, Lower: 40-250 °C

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Twin)

    Twin: 170-250 / Grill: 200-250 °C


  • Wire / Insert Rack

    - / -

  • Square Wire Rack (Shelf / Roast)

    1 / 1

  • Telescopic Rack


  • G/N Rack


  • Meat Probe


  • Cookbook (CD)



  • Usable Capacity

    55 L

  • Economic Cavity (Upper/Lower)

    30 / 32 L

  • Cavity Dimensions (Single) (WxHxD) mm

    370 x 464 x 410

  • Cavity Dimensions (Upper/Lower) (HxWxD)

    (U 160, L 170) x 435 x 400 mm

  • Outside Dimensions (WxHxD) mm

    595 x 595 x 572

  • Weight (Net) kg

    49 / 55

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