70L NEO Dual Fan Electric Oven NV70F7786HS/SA


70L NEO Dual Fan Electric Oven NV70F7786HS/SA This product is designed to seamlessly combine remarkable cooking performance with a 70L large capacity that still gives you flexibility whether you are cooking a weeknight meal, or orchestrating a large holiday feast. Discover more about the features that help make home cooking simple yet delicious.

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70L NEO Dual Fan Electric Oven NV70F7786HS/SA


  • The NEO Premium range is thoughtfully designed to deliver simple yet practical solutions for everyday home cooking.
  • The NEO oven comes packaged with professional cook settings and features such as Dual Cook Technology built in a sleek exterior, making it an excellent addition to your kitchen.
Dual Cook

Cook Two Different Dishes at Once with Dual Cook

Samsung’s Dual Cook System, using Twin Convection™ technology allows you to cook two dishes in the oven at the same time and at different temperatures.

Intuitive Ice Blue LED display

Intuitive Ice Blue LED display
With a signature blue colour, the display on the NEO Twin Oven was developed to easily highlight the oven settings and cooking information for easy monitoring.
Half Loading

Flexible Cooking Zones for Small Dishes

This oven provides you the flexibility to confine cooking in the upper or lower sections of the oven based on the size of your dish.
Whole Cavity

Flexible Cooking Zones for Large Dishes

The NEO Dual Cook Oven is designed to fit large dishes by removing the divider tray which allows you to use the entire 70L oven cavity to fit large dishes such as the holiday roast.

Helps Create Juicy Tender Meat with the Pro Roasting Mode

This one touch function is designed to sear and seal-in juices before cooking. This two step process first engages the top heater and convection fan to sear food, then cooks food at a pre-selected lower temperature to help cook tender delicious food.
Designed to bring harmony

Catalytic Self Cleaning Function

With catalytic cleaning, the built in food remnant tray collects grease and residue while the oven is working and chemically dissolves them to help keep your oven clean.
Sleek and Minimal Design

Sleek and Minimal Design

The Samsung NEO Oven is dressed in glass and stainless steel. The drop down door has quadruple glazed glass to help maintain internal temperature and keep external door cool to touch.
Steam Clean Function

Steam Clean Function

Steam Clean helps remove tough grease and grime. This function uses a small amount of water inside the oven to create hot steam that loosens grease and food residue, helping make it easy to wipe off.

tech specs

Dimension of NV70F7786HS/SA

Main Specifications

  • Oven Type

    Dual Cook (Twin Convection)

  • Oven Doors


  • Door Type

    Drop Down

  • Display Type

    Ice Blue

Technical Information

  • Clock


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Cook Timer


  • End Timer


  • Language Option


  • Upper Grill (In/Out)

    1,600 / 1,100 W

  • Lower Grill

    1,100 W

  • Single Mode (Top Heat + Convection)


  • Single Mode (Grill - top heater only)


  • Single Mode (Small Grill)


  • Single Mode (Bottom + Convection)


  • Convection


  • Cleaning Method


  • Steam Clean


  • Interior Lamp (watts)

    2 x 25

  • Interior Light (Position)

    Back / Side

  • Light (Lamp) On/Off



Heating / Elements

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single)

    Sinlge: 50-250, Grill: 40-270 °C

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Upper, Lower)

    40-250 °C

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Twin)

    170-250 °C


  • Wire / Insert Rack

    - / -

  • Square Wire Rack (Shelf / Roast)

    2 / 1

  • Telescopic Rack

    1 Level

  • G/N Rack


  • Meat Probe


  • Cookbook (CD)



  • Usable Capacity

    70 L

  • Economic Cavity (Upper/Lower)

    30 / 32 L

  • Cavity Dimensions (Single) (WxHxD) mm

    370 x 464 x 410

  • Cavity Dimensions (Upper/Lower) (HxWxD)


  • Outside Dimensions (WxHxD) mm

    595 x 595 x 572

  • Weight (Net) kg

    42 / 46

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