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Tips on buying a microwave oven

Microwave Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best microwave

By Samsung Australia,  28.10.2015.

Learn everything you need to know about how Samsung’s microwaves work with Samsung’s Microwave Guide.

Busy lifestyles and long working hours have made the microwave oven an indispensable part of life. From defrosting to reheating, the microwave oven is a hardworking kitchen staple. Microwaves can also boil, bake, thaw and make everyday cooking a breeze.

Whether you're buying a microwave for the first time or replacing an existing one, the following points need to be on your checklist.


Throwing dinner parties is a breeze with the large capacity 40 litre microwaves that can fit large platters and dishes. When shopping for Samsung microwaves, bring the biggest bowl and plate you're likely to use to make sure they fit inside.

A Samsung microwave with great capacity to heat dishes on large plates, such as your Sunday roast.

Heat without drying

So often we need to keep food warm when we are entertaining, or for partners and children coming home late. Look for microwaves with food warming technology that either keeps your food warm (at 50C) or hot (70C) for up to one hour, without drying it. Samsung's Smart Sensor measures the level of moisture in the food, and adjusts both temperature and time to help ensure deliciously prepared dishes — no more tough, dried-out food.

Keep food warm in your Samsung Microwave, ready for serving at your party.


The kitchen is the heart of our home, and microwaves come in different finishes that give a premium look to any kitchen, including stainless steel, glossy mirror black, and a variety of colours. Samsung's microwaves are sleek and stylish with features such as a full-glass front, wide door, flushed handle, stainless steel encasement and slim chrome bezel, and have intuitive touch controls with a bright, clear LCD display

Discover Samsung's smart, high performing, stylish range of convection microwave and microwave ovens.

Sleek metallic microwave suitable for any modern kitchen