Smart TV: Energy Saving feature

Last Update date : 2017.11.09

The Energy Saving feature adjusts the brightness of your TV to reduce power consumption. It can also help to reduce eye fatigue especially in a dim and dark room. This feature is available in Eco Solution option of your Samsung Smart TV.


Energy Saving feature provides several options that you can customise to suit your needs. There are five settings in this feature, as follows: 




●    Off: Turns off the Energy Saving feature. This provides the brightest picture, but there is no reduction in power consumption.


   Low: Slightly reduces the screen brightness. Use this setting when TV is in slightly dim room.


   Medium: Significantly reduces the screen brightness. Use this setting when the TV is in a moderately lit room.


   High: Greatly reduces the screen brightness. Use this setting when TV is in dark room.


●     Auto: Automatically adjusts the Energy Saving feature between the High and Low settings depending on the incoming signals. Use this setting when you want to reduce power consumption and keep the picture at the same brightness when it transitions between dark and bright scenes.


Note: Because the Energy Saving feature adjusts between High and Low settings when you set the TV to Auto, the image may appear to flicker as it adjusts for the incoming brightness of the picture. if the flickering interferes with viewing, you may change into a different setting.


To set the Energy Saving feature, follow these steps:


Step 1: Power the TV on. then press the Menu button on the remote controller.




Step 2: Use the  arrows  arrow to select the System portion of the menu, then press Enter. 


           2              . 


Note: The menu section lists are displayed on the left side of the screen.


Step 3: Use the  arrows arrow to select the Eco Solution feature, then press Enter.





Step 4: Use the arrows arrow to select Energy Saving, then press Enter.






Step 5: Select any one of the five energy saving settings as required.






Step 6: Press the EXIT button on the TV's remote to close the menu. 

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