Smart TV: How do I set my TV to receive digital broadcast?

Last Update date : 2017.11.06

Samsung Smart TV can receive digital broadcast without a set-top box. You can either use the TV's Auto Tune feature to scan and save digital channels or perform a Manual Tune to add them. Below are steps on saving digital channels via Auto or Manual Tuning.


Follow the sequence below to perform Auto Tuning on your Television:


Note: Images may vary depending the model of your television set


Step 1: Press the Menu button on your remote control and select Broadcasting





Step 2: Select Auto Tuning





Step 3: Select the Start button on the prompt





Step 4: Here you can select options according to your preference





Step 5: Select Terrestrial





Step 6: Select Digital





Step 7: Press the Scan button to scan and saving channels 





Step 8: Once complete the Auto Tuning window will close and you start enjoying your favourite TV channels





For Auto Tuning older television models follow the steps below:


Step 1:  Go to Menu.


Step 2:  Tap on Channel, and select Auto Tuning.


Step 3:  Tap on Digital Channel Tuning


Step 4: Press Enter on the remote control for the tuning to begin. Once completed, it will automatically exit the Menu screen.




For Manual Tuning on your television follow the steps below:


Step 1: On your TV remote select Menu and then select Broadcasting





Step 2: Select Expert Settings





Step 3: Select Manual Tuning





Step 4: Select Digital Channel Tuning





Step 5: Select an existing channel to rescan






Step 6: Or select a new channel to rescan





Step 7: This will show the signal quality during rescanning. Exit once complete






For Manual Tuning older television follow the steps below:


Step 1:  Go to Menu.


Step 2:  Tap on Channel, and select Manual Tuning


Step 3:  Tap on Digital Channel Tuning.


Step 4:  Select New to tune in a new channel. The New Channel window will appear.


Step 5:  Select whether to enter the Channel or Frequency.


Step 6:  After typing the desired channel or frequency, select Search and press Enter on the remote control.


Step 7:  Once the channel is located, select Save/Store and press Enter on the remote control to confirm.


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