HMD Odyssey

Shatter Limits. Reality Extreme.

HMD Odyssey HMD Odyssey
HMD Odyssey HMD Odyssey

Lifelike experience

Watch Mixed Reality content come to life with an incredible dual AMOLED display. Compared to LCD displays, the Samsung HMD Odyssey delivers more vibrant hues with a color reproduction rate of up to 105%, 130 nit brightness and deeper blacks. With higher contrast, you can enjoy far crisper, more lifelike images.

Super-clear, viewing

The Samsung HMD Odyssey’s 3.5” display allows for faster focusing and a clear and stable experience. That means that no matter how close you get to losing yourself in your game, every single image, large or small, still or moving, will be super-sharp and crystal clear.

110° wide viewing angle

A wide viewing angle of up to 110° lets you enjoy a broader and more dynamic view when watching MR contents. With a wider viewing angle, you can discover enemies faster while playing games and enjoy a more immersive experience when watching movies.

Sound, Sound Everywhere

The Samsung HMD Odyssey delivers vivid, rich audio that comes at you from all angles ― thanks to the 360° Spatial Sound feature. Dive deeper into your MR experiences with super-immersive soundtracks.

Premium sound tuned by AKG

The Samsung HMD Odyssey provides an outstanding listening experience with world-class sound, finely tuned by the audio experts at AKG. Experience truly exceptional, distortion-free sound quality for gameplay, video viewing or even when listening to your favorite tunes.

Built-in array microphone

With a built-in array microphone, you get even more usability options for the Samsung HMD Odyssey. Take advantage of the microphone on the bottom of the device for multitasking. You can interact with Cortana using voice commands while playing games or accessing a range of apps. You can also enjoy real-time chat with your friends using voice chat apps like Discord and Skype.

Incredibly easy start

Convenient connectivity

The Samsung HMD Odyssey offers you easy-to-use connectivity. Its Windows 10 OS automatically senses HDMI and USB connections and launches mixed reality portals.

Incredibly easy start

No external motion sensors

Using the Samsung HMD Odyssey is a breeze. Unlike typical head-mounted displays featuring outside-in tracking, you do not have to install any extra sensors to use the device. No need for a complicated installation process―simply connect it to your PC and get started right away!

  • * OS support available only for Windows 10 Redstone 3 and subsequent versions.

6DoF HMD for immersive gameplay

Equipped with a 6 DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) sensor, the Samsung HMD Odyssey lets you enjoy a deeper, more truly immersive Mixed Reality experience. Unleash unlimited possibilities, allowing you to move freely through a thrilling virtual environment.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller

Your gaming adventures just went wild! With the Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller, you can really feel the fast-paced action and excitement of the game you are playing with vibrating controllers, allowing for more dynamic, more exhilarating gaming sessions

*Only available with games that support this feature.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller
Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller

Ergonomic design

Expertly designed to better fit the contours of your face, the Samsung HMD Odyssey offers you wearing comfort, even for longer sessions. The snug-fitting design also allows users with glasses to wear the device without experiencing any discomfort.

Adaptable Viewing Experience

With the IPD Control Wheel, you can fine-tune your view to best fit your own eyes ― because when it comes to viewing, one size does not fit all! Simply move the IPD Control Wheel until you find the perfect balance for your eyes. Line up the two lenses for the best possible view – and more comfortable, more lifelike MR experiences on your Samsung HMD Odyssey.

Enjoy tons of MR games

Immerse yourself into a host of MR games on the Samsung HMD Odyssey. Experience the excitement and thrill of various genre of games, including action, arcade, shooting, sports, horror, adventure, FPS, multiplayer, simulation, and more.

*Two free MR games come bundled with your Samsung HMD Odyssey: all-action rock music-themed arcade shooter Rock & Rails, and a thrilling adventure game, Angest.

Technical Specifications

The Windows Mixed Reality and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra badges highlight devices that provide great Window Mixed Reality experiences. A curated list of hero devices will be tested, qualified for getting the badges this Holiday. Consumers will be able to find compatible PCs by checking their existing computer using the compatibility checker tool, looking for the badge, or looking for other, great PCs that meet the required specifications.

Windows Mixed Reality Ultra** Windows Mixed Reality
Ideal for

• For people looking for power horse machines & best VR games and experiences.

• For people looking for modern sleek PC capable of immersive experiences.


• Any Mixed Reality Badged headset is compatible. Any of the Windows Mixed Reality badged motion controllers are compatible.


• Intel Core i5 (6th generation) CPU or 4 or more physical cores

• AMD FX-4350 4.2Ghz (desktop), 4 or more physical cores

• Intel Core i5 (7th generation) CPU, 2 or more physical cores with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology enabled


• NVidia GTX 1050/AMD RX 460 or greater DX12 capable discrete GPU

• Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 620 or greater DX12 capable integrated GPU

• Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.2 or later

Thermal Design Power

• 15W or greater


• Headset connectors: 1x available graphics display port for headset (HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 or better)

• Headset connectors: 1x available graphics display port for headset (HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2 or better)

• Resolution: SVGA (800x600) or greater

• Bit depth: 32 bits of color per pixel


• 8GB DDR3 or greater

• 8GB DDR3 or greater + dual channel memory for integrated graphics

• >10 GB additional free space


• 1x available USB port for headset (USB 3.0 Type-A or USB 3.0 Type-C).

• Note : USB must supply a minimum of 900mA.

• Connector adapter required for USB 3.0 Type-C ports.

• Bluetooth 4.0 (for accessory connectivity)

*PC requirements may vary for available apps and content. Experience, apps and content coming on or around 10/17/17
**Windows Mixed Reality Ultra optimized devices include the Samsung Notebook Odyssey (GTX1060) NP800G5H and Samsung Desktop Odyssey DP800V7A.




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