Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021 Concludes With
20 Winners And Creative Ideas For A Better Future

Local academic community used technology to overcome the restrictions of social distancing during the pandemic.
Hong Kong students rely on their STEAM knowledge and boundless creativity to “innovate for a better world” by addressing four social issues.

May 06. 2022

Hong Kong – April 14, 2022 – The world’s leading technology company, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd, today unveiled the 20 winning teams for the annual “Solve for Tomorrow – Innovate for a Better World” competition. Despite the pandemic uncertainty, 1,500 students from 300 primary and secondary schools overcame social distancing challenges and joined online and offline events. With Samsung’s support, the 20 winning teams will share cash prizes and products worth over HK$270,000.


“’Together for Tomorrow. Enabling People’ is the core belief of Samsung’s corporate social responsibility and the motivation that drives the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest every year. Even the pandemic could not deter us from keeping this commitment. We are thrilled to note that the participating students could apply their innate creativity and learnings over the years to solve the social issues raised in this year’s competition. It gives us great hope that our next generation of leaders is not only noticing social matters but also committed to building a better future,” said Yiyin Zhao, managing director of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong.


“This is the first time we included four social issues in the competition. We noticed that students were more interested in sustainability and elderly-friendly technologies. This year’s competitors came up with solutions that addressed multiple issues. We are pleased to see students thinking out of the box to arrive at simple solutions for complex issues. At the same time, we found that more participants created prototypes. The number of prototypes is three times that of last year and nine times more than the year before. This indicates that participants are shifting from focusing only on learning and rewards to physical actions that make real impacts. In addition, each team used technology to overcome various social distancing restrictions and facilitate collaboration. We believe that this helped students develop their 4C skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication). These are essential skills in the 21st century and helped them to ‘learn enthusiastically in a competitive way’,” she added.

Kwong Ming School and St. Teresa Secondary School emerge winners

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021 was an intense competition and featured a new format. The judges carefully shortlisted 20 teams from the hundreds of entries for the final stage. The 20 teams worked with a mentor group composed of industry experts and Samsung staff to improve upon the original ideas. The mentors then introduced the shortlisted teams to the judges on the presentation day. Kwong Ming School and St. Teresa Secondary School emerged as champions among the primary and secondary schools, respectively.


Kwong Ming School’s “AI Shoes for the Elderly” is a pair of AI shoes explicitly designed for the elderly. The shoes come with an all-rounded app. A camera is embedded in the front of the shoes to identify obstacles ahead. The shoes will alert the wearer using voice prompts when they encounter obstacles. If the wearer falls, the AI smart shoes will send a message to his or her family using the mobile app. Family members can also use the app's voice function to send voice messages at any time and check on the wearer’s location. The shoe box comes with a wireless charging function that recharges the shoes when placed inside.


St. Teresa Secondary School won their championship with “Smart Companion Robot for the Elderly.” Also, based on AI technology, it is a companion robot designed to protect the physical and mental health of the elderly. The robot accompanies and comforts the user while providing training that prevents extreme symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. The training includes exercises that help users remember the appearance of their family members through Al technology and improve short-term memory and cognition through number/arrangement exercises. 



Samsung is committed to building a better future for Hong Kong

To create a better future for the new generation, Samsung donated cash and products worth more than HK$150,000 to The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group. The group has always supported the development of the new generation in different ways, and Samsung is happy to support its vision.


“I would like to congratulate all the winners. We are certain that their creativity will continue to make an impact even after the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021 competition. These young leaders will ultimately bring positive changes to the society and create a better Hong Kong!" added Zhao.


Winning list (Please refer to the appendix for details of the entries) :

Primary sector


-  Kwong Ming School – AI Shoes for the Elderly (AI伴你同行)

1st Runner up

-  Ying Wa Primary School – Auto Toilet Cleaner (「童」你洗廁所)

2nd Runner up

-  TWGHs Tsoi Wing Sing Primary School – Buddy Robot (老友寶寶機械人)

Creative Idea Award

-  AD & FD Of POHL Leung Sing Tak School – Easy Pillsy (安老食藥易)


(6 teams)

-  St. Paul’s College Primary School – Smart Bathroom Door Locks and Lockers (老「智」號浴室智能門鎖及儲物櫃)

-  Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section) – Exercise and Earn (郁得多,賺得多)

-  Marymount Primary School– me⚡Power

-  Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) – Solar Air Cooler (太陽能冷風機)

-  St. Anthony's School – Little Study Partner (小小書僮)

-  VNSAA St. Hilary's School – SH Plant Savers

Secondary sector


-  St. Teresa Secondary School – Smart Companion Robot for Elderly (AI腦友Jinn)

1st Runner up

-  Man Kwan Pak Kau College – The Smartest Toile (沖衛過人)

2nd Runner up

-  Bishop Hall Jubilee School – Green Bus Station (清.息巴士站)

Creative Idea Award

-  VTC Youth College (Kwai Fong) – Care in 360 Degrees (智護全方位)


(6 teams)

-  Tung Wah Group Hospital Mrs. Fung Wong Fung Ting College – Smart Disinfection Door Frame (玄武門・智能消毒門框)

-  Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College – Save The Eggs (拯救雞蛋大行動)

-  Jockey Club Government Secondary School – Smart Floor (智能地板)

-  Raimondi College – ARExperiment

-  St. Paul's Convent School –Stress Free Camp (零壓力營)

-  Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School – iCan Clean


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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an annual competition that brings together the creativity and passion for new technologies of young people around the world, to solve social problems in local communities. In 2013, Samsung introduced this meaningful event to Hong Kong and inspired tens of thousands of students to come up with innovative solutions that address social issues in Hong Kong. Samsung is promoting the new educational philosophy of “STREAM4CARE”. Besides encouraging Hong Kong students to increase their knowledge of STREAM – Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – Samsung hopes that they can develop empathy and sense of responsibility and apply their STREAM knowledge to contribute to the society. Through the competition, Samsung hopes to cultivate thought leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with both technological knowledge and the sense of responsibility of a global citizen. To learn more about Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, please visit:


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