How to check your steps on Samsung Health

Last Update date : May 25. 2022

Samsung Health uses a connected device, like your mobile phone or Galaxy watch, to measure and update the number of steps you take. The total number of steps is displayed on your watch and phone right up to the minute, so you have an accurate count at all times.

View of a woman with a Samsung Watch and the Samsung Health app main screen with step counter display.

How are steps measured?

The step count is an estimate mostly based on results sent from your location. At times activities other than walking, such as vibrations from a vehicle, riding a bicycle, or hand movements can also increase the number of steps.

Leaving your phone in your wallet, bag, or pocket may hamper your progress, as your phone cannot accurately measure steps when you are not carrying it. For a more precise step count your phone should always be with you to sense any form of activity.

If you do not see a step count at first, try walking more. You may need some additional movement for your steps to begin registering with the step counter. Do not keep looking at the screen when using the Galaxy Watch. Enjoy yourself, stroll for a while, and try to check the number of steps after spending some time outdoors.

It feels like my steps have stopped

  • To select the number of steps you wish to take per day, select More (three dots) at the upper right corner of your menu screen. If your pedometer is paused, the “Resume Step Counting“ option will appear on the menu. If the pedometer is running, the “Pause step counting“ option will be visible. When the pedometer is paused, it will be displayed as "paused" on the home widget, tracker tile, and tracker tab.
  • When using a device other than a mobile phone such as a Galaxy Watch to link steps with Samsung Health, set the desired number of steps and select More (three dots) at the upper right corner of your screen -> tap “Select step data to show“-> “All steps“, Or make sure “Mobile phone“ is selected. If “Mobile phone” is selected, the step count will be updated in real time. If “All steps” is selected, the total number of steps measured will be displayed and updated on your mobile device and the device linked to Samsung Health.

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