What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?

Last Update Date : Apr 02. 2018

MultiScreen enables you to partition multiple sections on the Monitor. 


1. The MultiScreen Software will only work with Samsung Monitors. 

2. If the Samsung Monitor is being used as an extended or secondary monitor and it gets disconnected from the source, the Multi Screen software will no longer function. 

3. MultiScreen can be used again by reattaching the Samsung Monitor.

To use Multiscreen, follow these steps:

1 Once the Multi Screen Software is installed, a corresponding Icon will appear on the desktop.
What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?
2 Double click on the icon. NO windows will pop up. Double clicking the icon will create an icon in the taskbar at the lower right of the screen. See the highlighted icon below.
What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?
3 Right-click on this icon. A box will appear displaying the Multi Screen options. On the list will be an option for Monitor 1.

Note: Depending on the number of Monitors attached to the computer, there may be more than one Monitor option. Make sure that you select the Monitor you wish to use the software on.

What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?
4 Once the correct Monitor is selected, a secondary box will appear. It will also show the screen options. You can then select one of the options (Displayed below) that best-suited for your needs. Each box is a depiction of how the screen will be divided.
What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?
5 Once a screen option is selected, red bars will flash on the screen dividing it into the pattern selected along with numbers displaying the allocation of each square.

Note: To resize any of the squares, select Resize Screen from the above menu, click on the red line to move and, while still holding down the mouse button, drag it in any direction. To finish repositioning the line, release the mouse button.

What is MultiScreen and how do I use it?
6 If you already have a running program or a window opened in expanded view, the window will continue to fill the screen as normal.

In order to use the Multi Screen function, first minimize any open window and then drag it to the sectioned off part of the screen you want the window allocated to. When the window is dragged to the correct square and the left mouse button is released, the window will automatically snap into the corresponding square.

7 If you want to turn OFF the Multi Screen functionality, you can access the screen layout selection menu (As seen in step 4) and select none at the top of the options.

Note: If you select Single instead of none, any minimized screens will automatically snap into place and fill the screen.

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