What should I do when a red light appears on my Jet cleaner?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

When the red light on the display part of the Jet cleaner lights up, it is recommended to check the condition of the dust bag and filters. You can easily remove the filter to check the assembly or clean it to resolve the problem.

3 key icons on the display panel

There are three types of icons that are displayed on the Samsung Jet Cleaner. If the icon turns red, you will need to clean the filter for the corresponding icon. Find out how to take action for each type of icon below.

  • Clogged: Dust canisters, pipes, and suction parts are blocked
  • Spinning brush stuck: Rollers on the brush are stuck and do not rotate
  • No Filter: Washable filter is not assembled
3 key icons on the jet cleaner display panel


  • The actual design of the display panel may differ depending on the type of model that you have.
  • This image is a reference in English but is available in the language of your country. 

When the red light appears on the Clogged icon

When the red light is lit on the clogged icon, it is recommended to check and clean the Washable micro filter in the dust bin. It would also be helpful to clean the metal mesh grill located inside.

 The clogged  icon is lit red

Step 1. Press the button to separate the dust bin and remove the Washable micro filter and metallic mesh grill filter. (Turn the metal mesh grill filter to the right and separate it.)

separate the washable micro filter

Step 2. Wash and dry the Washable micro filter and dust bin thoroughly.

wash and dry the washable micro filter

Step 3. Use the intake brush to move the dust attached to the outer surface of the metallic mesh grill filter.

blow off the dust from the grill filter

Step 4. After cleaning the filters, assemble the metallic mesh grill filter to the Washable micro filter and dust bin.

assemble the filters on the jet cleaner

Note: Please reassemble after drying completely for more than 24 hours in a shaded place.

Step 5. After you have assembled the filters to the dust bin, insert the dust bin to the main body - it will click when properly attached.

insert dust bin to main body


  • If necessary, soak the dust bin in water for about 30 minutes, and then wash to clean. 
  • Wash the metallic mesh grill filter and Washable micro filter under running water.

When the red light appears on the Spinning Brush Struck icon

When the spinning brush is disassembled, the Turbo Action Brush's EZ Clean function automatically removes tangled foreign matter or hair. If the foreign matter is not removed, use scissors to remove it. 

 The spinning brush stuck icon is lit red


  • If the overheating prevention engages, the spinning brush stuck display may not turn on.
  • Take extra care to use scissors to remove the foreign matters on the Turbo action brush. 

When foreign matter remains on the brush, remove with wet tissue or dry cloth.

  • Do not clean the spinning brush and suction part with water.
  • Do not use the Soft Action brush to remove moisture, such as liquid and pet waste.
separate the turbo action brush
cleaning the soft action brush

If foreign matter is not removed, use a scissors to remove it. Please be careful not to cut the spinning brush.

  • If a cloth or other foreign matter is vacuumed up and tangled with the spinning brush (drum), the spinning brush will stop working to protect the brush motor.
  • After cleaning the brush, turn the power off and then on again.
  • If a brush does not work after cleaning, turn the power off and then on again.
separate the soft action brush
cleaning the turbo action brush

Note: When cleaning the brush, be careful not to catch your fingers in the fold of the brush.

When the No Filter icon is lit red

When the red light appears on the no filter icon on the display panel, this means that there's no filter inside or the washable micro filter was not assembled properly. The product cannot be used without assembling the washable micro filter. Please properly assemble the washable micro filter.

No filter icon is lit red

If the product does not turn on even when the Washable micro filter is assembled properly, make sure it is assembled correctly. Please follow the direction for reassembly below.

check the micro filter is assembled correctly

To use the clean station, the basic dust bin of the Samsung Jet cleaner must be removed and replaced with a dedicated dust bin. Using a clean station reduces dust by up to 400 times compared to throwing it directly into the trash (based on our experimental values).

Step 1. Press the PUSH button to open the lid and insert dust bin vertically. 

open the clean station dust bin

Step 2. The blue light comes on and dust is discharged automatically. 

clean the dust bin

Step 3. When the operation stops completely, remove the dust bin and then close the bottom dust bin cover and the Clean Station main body cover.

close the cover of the dust bin


  • If dust remains after operation, press the START/STOP button on the right side of the product for further operation.
  • If the dust cannot be discharged because the dust bin is full, cover the washable micro filter with your palm and operate.

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