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Find out if your system runs Windows 10.


  • The latest Windows 10 Update (Windows 10, version 2004)


- Devices in the table below have been tested for the latest Windows 10 Update and can be used with the update.
If you need software, driver and firmware for the update, please execute "Samsung Update" or download here and execute.
- Models not included in the table below may not support the latest Windows 10 Update.



930XBE, 931XBE, 950XBE, 951XBE, 950XCG, 950XCJ, 951XCG, 951XCJ, 930XCG, 930XCJ, 931XCG, 931XCJ
901X5H, 901X5J, 901X5N, 901X5T
901X3H, 901X3J, 901X3N,  901X3T, 901X3U
900X5H, 900X5J, 900X5N,  900X5T, 900X5U, 901X5U
900X3J,  900X3H, 900X3N, 900X3T, 900X3U
900K3A, 900K5A,
800G5H, 800G5L, 800G5M, 801G5H, 810G5M, 801G5M, 8500GM, 850XAC, 850XBC, 850XBD
730XBE, 731XBE, 750XBE, 751XBE, 760XBE, 761XBE
750BBC, 751BBC
550XBE, 551XBE, 55X0BE
550XAA, 550XTA, 551EAA, 551EBE, 551XAA, 55X0AA, 560XAA, 560XBE, 561XBE, 550EBE, 550XCJ, 551XCJ
551XTA, 55X0TA, 560XTA
5500RM, 550EAA, 550EAB, 550EBA, 550R5M, 550R5N, 551EBA, 5500RN, 5500RA
501R5A, 501R5M, 501R5N, 5300RM, 530XBB, 531XBB
500R3A, 500R3M, 500R5A,  500R5M, 500R5N
501R3A, 501R3M, 5300RA 
341XAA, 3500EL, 3500EM, 350XAA, 350XBE, 35X0AA, 340XAA, 350XBA, 351XAA, 351XBA, 35X0BA, 34X0AA
351XBE, 35X0BE
371B5A, 371B5L, 371B5M, 370E5M, 370E5A
300E4L, 300E4M, 300E5L, 300E5M, 301E4M, 301E5L, 301E5M


930SBE, 931SBE, 950SBE, 951SBE
930QAA, 931QAA, 930QBE,  931QBE, 940X3L, 940X3M, 940X3N, 940X5N, 930QCG, 931QCG
950QAA, 950QCG, 951QCG
740U3N, 730QAA, 750QUA, 750QUB
730QCJ, 731QCJ, 750QCJ, 751QCJ

2 in 1


All In One PCs

700A4L, 700A4M, 701A4L, 701A4M, 710A4M
500A2L, 500A2M, 501A2L, 501A2M, 530ABE, 531ABE



● Windows 10 upgraded from Windows7/Windows8.1

- "O" support the upgrade to Windows 10.
- Models not in the table do not support upgrade to Windows 10.
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