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4 Ways To Relax and Get
Yourself Ready For 2021

How to recharge after a year like no other.

After a year of isolation and perpetual bad news, it comes as no surprise than some of us are struggling to find our holiday spirit. With many people across the globe still adhering to social restrictions, the usual optimism that the dawn of a new year brings might be somewhat lacking.

Still, an escape from the news cycle and our work might make a real difference to our ability to tackle 2021 to the best of our ability. Here are five tips to make the most of this period.


Escape with the magic of Disney+

There are few better tonics for the soul than childhood nostalgia. With Disney+, you can find old favourites and spectacular new adventures all in one place - meaning whatever diversion you need is at your fingertips. Perhaps Mary Poppins's ability to calm chaos will go down in the most delightful way. Maybe you'll find warmth in the moving sisterhood of wintery Frozen and its sequel. Or perhaps you’ll find the perfect fan service tonic in the swashbuckling space adventure of The Mandalorian. Whatever you choose to watch, a cosy night in front of the QLED is the perfect way to while away a few blissful hours. Stunning 8K pixels bring Disney movies magically to life, creating a truly immersive cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.


Curate a personalised playlist

We turn to music for all sorts of reasons. Uplifting tracks can raise our energy and morale, while contemplative songs might allow you to reflect upon your personal achievements over the last few months. Even curating a playlist can be a strangely soothing act in itself. Whether you create your own or dig into a ready-made option, these modern mixtapes are a lifesaver. You could discover the best music for productivity, or even dive down the rabbit hole into the bombastic and brilliant world of K-pop. Whatever tunes make it to your playlist, the rich sound quality of the Galaxy Buds brings the best out of every note.


Flex your photography skills

Summer sun undoubtedly lifts the spirits, but the cooler months bring their own palettes of brilliant colours. The low winter sun can extend the Golden Hour for spectacularly illuminated afternoons and evenings, whether you're out in nature or enjoying a local stroll. If you're lucky enough to have snowfall where you are, you might note hues of blue, green, yellow, pink or - of course - white. So why not flex your photography skills and capture these seasonal scenes on camera? The award-winning Galaxy Note20 lets you capture the most stunning Christmas pictures with its excellent quality Night Mode setting. The largest dual pixel sensor adjusts to pull light even in the darkest of winter evenings, creating beautifully vivid, clear night photos. Share your photos with family and friends as a picture message, or upload your snaps to Instagram to pass on the holiday cheer.


Reconnect with those you love most

If we’ve learned one thing from 2020, it’s that staying connected with loved ones is vital. While many of us are experiencing video call fatigue after a year of virtual meetings (plus more digital quizzes than we care to remember), it may just be time to approach it with a new sense of enthusiasm. Face-to-face interactions are vital for our wellbeing, and we should remind ourselves that in a year like no other, smartphone technology has been an amazing tool for keeping precious relationships alive. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to pour yourself a glass of something special and flip your camera round for few turn-of-year catch-ups. Organise a New Year quiz with your friends, call your family to laugh about old times, or pencil in a heart-to-heart with your nearest and dearest. Above all, remember to raise a toast to better things to come.

Ready to see in the New Year?

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