How to set up Windows Hello on the Galaxy Book

Galaxy Book Ion features a fingerprint key to log in via Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a biometrics-based technology that lets you log into your computer easily and securely simply by scanning your fingerprint. To set up Windows Hello:

1 Go to Windows Settings (or simply press the Windows key + I).
2 Select "Accounts", then "Sign-in options".
Windows Hello sign in options menu is selected on the Book Ion
3 Select "Windows Hello Fingerprint". Select "Set up", then "Get started".

Please note: In order to set Windows Hello Fingerprint, you must have already set up a password for your account. If you have not already done so, you will need to complete this step first. The option to set up a password is shown in the section called "Password".

4 Rest your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the keyboard. Rest and lift your finger on the fingerprint key several times. You will be asked to rest different parts of your fingerprint on the sensor to make sure that all areas of your fingerprint have been read properly.
Windows Hello key is a fingerprint scanner
5 Once your fingerprint has been registered, you will be promoted to create a PIN if fingerprint recognition is not available. Select "Set up PIN" to continue.
6 Enter your Windows password.
7 Enter your new PIN and confirm PIN, then select "OK".

Please note: Your PIN must meet the complexity requirements. It cannot be a common number pattern.

8 Your Windows Hello fingerprint is now set up. Select "add another" to add another fingerprint. To remove select "Remove".

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