How do I get ready for a Mobile & Tablet Remote Management session (Smart Switch)?

Remote Service

Samsung Remote Service enables one of our specially trained technicians to remotely view and control your Samsung TV, smartphone or tablet directly to help you with your product.

Samsung Remote Service can provide assistance with:

  • Setting up a Google and Samsung account
  • Software and application updates
  • Backups & factory data resets
  • Setting up email accounts and day-to-day tasks

Please note: In order for Remote Service to work your smartphone or tablet:

  • Your device must be connected to a high speed internet connection. It is highly recommended that you connect to WiFi as you may incur network charges for using mobile data out of your allowance. Please contact your network provider for further information.
  • Your device is running a minimum of Android Version 2.4

Install the Smart Tutor app.

Download the Smart Tutor app from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Smart Tutor allows the Samsung Support Representative to remotely access your mobile and tablet device. Find out more about how to use the Smart Tutor app to get help for your device.


Back up your device.

It is always important to keep your information backed up in case anything should happen to your device and you no longer have access to it. Important things like photos, videos and contacts can easily be backed up onto a PC or laptop using your Samsung Account, Google Account or via Smart Switch. Find out how to back up your device.

3 Contact Samsung Support.

Contact Samsung using the numbers provided below and advise the Customer Care agent that you wish to use the Remote Service.

UNITED KINGDOM:0330 7267864

IRELAND: 0818 717100

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm


Enter the access code provided.

The tech expert will provide a six digit PIN code. Input the code and wait for the session to connect.


Restore data on your device after the Remote Management session.

Yes, the Remote Service system uses a secure connection between your device and our server. All information is stored on Samsungs servers and no third party company has access to this information. No unwanted information or malicious programs can be sent to your device.

No, the Remote Service system only allows Samsung to connect to your device for a single session. Once the connection is terminated Samsung cannot reconnect without a new PIN being generated by you. Powering off the device will also terminate any session immediately.

Once connected to your device a Samsung Care Pro can control it as if they were in front of the device itself. If you need to connect to Remote Service again the Samsung Care Pro can quickly review which settings have been changed from the previous session.

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