What do the indicator icons on the Gear 360 camera status screen mean?

Access menus and view the Gear 360’s status via messages and indicator icons on the camera status screen. 

SAMSUNG Gear 360 camera screen

Indicator icons

Indicator icons appear on the camera status screen. You can check the Gear 360’s status on the camera status screen.  

Samsung Gear 360 screen
1 Current shooting mode.
2 Available video recording time or available number of photos you can take.
3 Mobile device connection status.
4 Battery power or charging status.
Icon glossary
Battery power level

Battery power level.

Battery charging

Battery status: charging.

Battery overheating

Battery status: overheating.

Charger connected improperly

Battery status: charger connected improperly.

Bluetooth icon
WiFi icon

Connected to a mobile device.

waiting for a mobile device to connect icon

Waiting for a mobile device to connect.

not connected to a mobile device

Not connected to a mobile device.

Recording mode

Recording mode.

Recording a video

Recording a video.

Photo shooting mode

Photo shooting mode.

Time lapse mode

Time lapse mode. Take several photos at set intervals and save them as one video.

Time lapse shooting interval

Time lapse shooting interval.

Recording a time lapse video

Recording a time lapse video.

Video looping mode

Video looping mode. Record a video continuously by deleting a set period of the previously recorded content and saving the new content.

Video looping recording time

Video looping recording time.

Landscape HDR mode

Landscape HDR mode. Automatically take three photos, combine them, and then calibrate the colours.

Live broadcast mode.

Live broadcast mode.

Broadcasting live video

Broadcasting live video.

Memory card is full

Memory card is full.

No memory card

No memory card.

Memory card error

Memory card error.

Connected to a computer with a USB cable

Connected to a computer with a USB cable.

USB connection error

USB connection error.

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