What is Other storage on your Galaxy phone

What is the ‘Other’ category in my phone’s internal storage and how to delete files from it.

Internal storage option on smartphone

Galaxy smartphones and tablets have a large amount of internal storage for you to save your pictures, videos, and apps. In Battery and device care, you can see a breakdown of how much storage space is being used by different items, including images, videos, and documents. However, you may be unsure what is in the “Other” storage category.

The “Other” storage category contains data from apps you have installed on your smartphone or tablet. It includes items such as system files, cached data, and temporary files that do not fall into any other storage categories.

The data contained in the “Other” storage category cannot be deleted directly from your device. However, you can clear some of it by deleting cache or app data.

1 Open Settings
settings button
2 Tap Apps
Apps selected in settings menu
3 Tap the app you wish to clear data from
AR Zone selected in Apps menu

Please note: if you delete files from an app you often use, the app will run slower.

4 Tap Storage
Storage selected in App info menu
5 Tap Clear cache or Clear data
Clear data and clear cache selected

There may be an “i” symbol next to “Apps” in Storage in Battery and device care. If this is the case, the amount of storage used by “Other” will seem larger. To see how much storage is actually used by “Other” and “Apps”:

1 Tap the “i” next to Apps
i symbol next to apps in storage selected
2 Tap Settings
Settings selected in popup
3 Scroll down and tap the switch next to My Files
Switch next to My Files selected
4 Tap the back button
Back button selected
5 You will now see how much storage is occupied by apps and how much is occupied by Other
Amount of storage occupied by Other selected

Please visit Samsung Support for further support.

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