Meet the innovative new features of 2020 TV models

The 2020 Samsung Smart TV combines new technologies and design to provide viewers an innovative experience. Moreover, special thanks to the Infinity Design of slightly tilted back of the screen, the flagship models Q900 and Q950 give the best immersion.

Immersive sound experience with Q-Symphony

So far, when you turn on the sound bar, the TV sound function is automatically turned off. However, Q-Symphony allows TV and soundbar to output sound together simultaneously. As a result, you can experience a richer sound than ever. 

TV analyzes the video and audio signals and determines which speakers should produce and which sounds with artificial intelligence (AI) technology and collaboration between the speakers.

comparison of q symphony on and off


  • Only available from Q80T TV model (except Q80 49” model) and from Q60T soundbar model in 2020.
  • Only available for HDMI(ARC) or Optical connection type.

Make sure the soundbar is turned on. Then, connect to your soundbar in Sound Output menu.
When connected to the soundbar, sound is automatically output from the TV and the soundbar simultaneously.

Step 1. 
Press the Home button on your TV remote and select Settings menu.

soundbar source menu

Step 2. Select Sound menu, and then choose Sound Output.

selecting sound menu

Step 3. Find and select the Soundbar that you desire to connect for Q-Symphony (e.g. TV + Sound Bar [device name])

selecting soundbar device

Note: Device screenshots and menu are only sample in English - they are also available in the language of your country.

Experience the 2020 Tilt back design

The Samsung flagship model not only offers improved performance, but also a particularly impressive design. 8K Q900 / 950 series are the first Samsung TVs with the Infinity Design concept. One of the new design features is that it is designed with a tilt backwards of 3.5 degrees when installed using the supplied stand. Therefore, it is available to provide the optimal viewing angle for the viewer, when the large screen is installed a relatively low position.

Note: Tilt-back design only applies to Q900 / 950 series in 2020.

Design features for maximum concentration

The tilted design was applied in consideration of not only the best resolution, but also the optimal viewing angle of the large screen, and through this, it was possible to maximize the concentration of the screen. Picture shown below is of a unit leaning backwards and showing why this has been done. Viewers eyes are at 90 degrees to the screen.

angle of tilted back screen

Do not attempt to adjust the TV tilt

Q900/950 Series are designed to lean back slightly, where the top of the screen is further back than the bottom. It is the concept of the product. 
The amount of leaning back is also fixed it is not adjustable. 

Please do not try to correct this or attempt to level with flat objects underneath the TV base as this can be dangerous and cause the TV to become unstable and fall over.

tilt back screen caution

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