How it works

How it works

  • Step 1

    Select Product
    & Duration

    Own a Samsung phone with easy, flexible and affordable Rental Monthly Instalments (RMI).

  • Step 2

    Pay Refundable

    A minimal security deposit which is completely refundable.

  • Step 3


    Verify your profile as a first step to get faster delivery.

  • Step 4


    Get the product delivered based on your availability and preference, post verification.

  • Step 5


    Pay the rental amount at the end of the calendar month to use the phone.

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Why RMI?

  • Phones, just like new

    Quality matters, and we know that! That's why our team ensures every product reaches you in a condition as good as new, after thorough quality-checks.

  • No-problem returns

    Don't like the phone on delivery? Return it right away, and we'll initiate the refund of your deposit within 24 hours.

  • Your data is always secure

    Your data remains safe and never gets misused even when you return the device. Our team will format and reboot the smartphone in front of you, so you can rest assured.

  • Protect your phone against physical damage

    All our smartphones come installed with a screen guard and back cover. You can request for up to 3 screen guards in a year.

  • Stop your rental subscription anytime

    You can easily return/cancel the smartphone at any point during your rental tenure by sending an e-mail to Rentomojo or calling the call center. Not something you can do when you just buy a phone using EMI!

  • Try now, purchase later

    Loving the phone you rented from us? Purchase it later at a nominal price, and own it forever!

This program is provided by Rentomojo as its sole discretion and all transactions will take place on Rentomojo’s platform.
Samsung disclaims any and all Claims/liabilities associated with the program.