Tips to clean the display of monitor

Last Update Date : Sep 10. 2018

Your monitor screen is important as it often attracts dirt , afftecting the quality of picture in longer run. Cleaning your flat screen monitors can be tricky than cleaning the old CRT's.

Following are few steps that would make your job easy :

  • Turn off your monitor screen as darker screen helps indentifying areas with dirt and oil.
  • For the Screen: Always use soft & clean cloth for cleaning but do not use any chemicals. For Outer Cover: Take a clean cloth apply some Collins spray on it before rubbing it on the covers. Do not use any other chemicals.


img1.jpg                        img2.jpg

  • If the dry cloth is unable to remove dirt, Do not press hard to scrub off the dirt. Pushing the screen can result in pixels to burn out.
  • Avoid using towels, paper and other hard stuff that can create scratches on your screen.
  • Also avoid ordinary tap water as it contains chlorine and salts, that can harm your screen.

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