What are the required safety standards for Microwave Ovens?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020



Following are the safety precautions:

  • Only qualified staff should be allowed to modify or repair the microwave oven.
  • Do not heat liquids and other food in sealed containers.
  • For your safety, do not use high-pressure water cleaners or steam jet cleaners.
  • Do not install this appliance; near heater,inflammable material; in a humid, oily or dusty location, in a location exposed to direct sunlight and water or where gas may leak; on un level ground.
  • This appliance must be properly grounded in accordance with local and national codes.
  • Remove all foreign substances such as dust or water from the power plug terminals and contact points using a dry cloth on a regular basis.
  • Do not pull or excessively bend or place heavy objecton the power cord.

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