Front Load: What to do when Samsung Washing Machine does not spin ?

Last Update Date : Oct 26. 2018


When clothes are coming out of the washer soaking wet, it is likely due to the washer not spinning at high speeds. Be sure to check the load size and weight
distribution, cycle type, the level of the washer, the drain pipe, and debris filter. 


a.   Check the load size and weight distribution.


b.   Make sure the washer is level.


       •   This is typically done during installation but may need touch-up from time to time. Proper use of the locking nuts will reduce how often the washer needs to be re-leveled.


       •   If the washer isn't level, the sensor may detect an unbalanced load and not complete the spin cycle.


       •    It will also extend the length of the cycle by adding water to help the laundry shift into a more balanced position and then trying to spin again to get the newly added water back out.


       •   In extreme cases the washer will stop completely and give the Unbalanced error code.


c.   Check the drain hose.


d.   Clean the debris filter (front load washers only).


       •   Most front load washers have a debris filter; however, some older ones (and all top loaders) do not. If instructions for cleaning the debris filter aren't in the manual, the washer doesn't have one.





•   Check the machine in empty condition - Please run spin mode in empty condition.


•  Water temperature is HOT - “HOT” notification is displayed when water temp exceeds more than 55°C. In this case, machine will not drain the water and spinning will not be done. 


•   Drain pipe blocked - If drain pipe is bending or not hang to the proper height then this problem occurs.




•  Debris filter choked - If debris filter is choked then water will not drain and spinning will not work.


Steps: To Clean Debris filter 

1 Open the debris filter

•   Open the filter access cover located on the lower corner on the front of the washer.

2 Draining the drain hose


•  Now, find the drain hose and remove the cap.




•  Be sure to hold the hose tip upright until you have a bowl or container in place.



•  Depending how much water was left in the washer, you may have to drain upto 12 gallons of water.


3 Remove the debris filter


• After draining is complete, replace the cap and put the drain hose back in its place. 




• Now, remove the debris filter by turning counter-clockwise unscrew the debris filter.

4 Check and clean the debris filter of any obstructions. Also, check the drain pump propeller behind the debris filter and make sure it is clear as well.


•  Once you are finished, screw the debris filter back into place by turning it clockwise. Run a load of laundry to check for any leaks.



•  Finally,replace the filter access cover.



Note : To ensure your washer is working properly clean the debris filter every 2 to 4 weeks. 



Note: Click here to raise online request  for engineer visit if you are still facing the issue.

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