Samsung Washing Machine does not spin ?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Note: This help content is only applicable to the product purchased from Indian retailers. If you require help for the products purchased from US, Kindly visit Samsung US support section and for other countries, kindly contact your local Samsung Subsidiary.

Semi Auto Washing Machine - Spin issue

  • Ensure that Power Plug is properly connected to socket and switched on also check if there is any voltage issue - If there is any voltage issue or no power due to power socket fault, please contact to Local electrician.
spinning issue

  • Close the Spin tub door cover and set Spin time - Please close the Spin tub door cover (lid) properly and set the Spin time with Spin Controller. 
spinning issue

  • Motor starting and stopping in intervals (15 minutes) - Washing Machine is showing this (malfaction) due to protection device named as Over Load Protector. It protects motor from being damaged when it:


  • Overheats due to low voltage - Operate Machine in proper voltage 
  • Overloading of clothes - Please do not overload
  • Due to continuous Washing - Kindly give some rest to motor after every wash

  • Pick out the clothing which has fallen between the basket and tub

Push the basket toward right side of machine.

Inspect/ look if there is any cloth stuck/ lying in the gap between basket and tub. 

If any cloth is lying then pull/ pick cloth (if possible).

spinning issue

Note : For safety, pull the power supply plug out of the socket.

  • If the issue is not solved by above mentioned steps, washing machine require service.
Top Load Washing Machine - Spin issue

  • Check the machine in empty condition - Please run spin mode in empty condition.
  • Drain pipe is not placed properly- If drain pipe is hanged or bent then please place it properly on the ground. 

  • When there is no threshold (barrier), the length of the drain hose should not exceed 3m.

  • When it is necessary to connect the drain hose with the drain outlet located far away, connect the extension hose and applicable parts (available from dealers or service centers).

  • Do not install the drain hose where it must extend over a threshold of 5cm or more; do not install where there is a threshold (as shown below) and the hose must extend for more than 2m.

  • Do not put the end of the drain hose into the water.

  • Do not place the hose below the floor level of the drain outlet.

  • Do not make the mid part of the hose positioned higher than the ends.

  • Drain pipe blocked - Remove and clean the drain pipe.


Steps to Clean Drain Pipe :


a) Please remove the Drain pipe and clean the pipe in running water.

b) After cleaning the pipe, while re-fixing, ensure that the drain pipe spreads straight to the drain hole with no obstacles higher than 5 cm in the way.

c) Please do not extend the drain pipe more than 3 m (metres).

  • Check the machine in empty condition - Post cleaning of drain pipe, check the tub in empty spinning condition (by pressing power > spin > start).

  • If the issue is not solved by above mentioned steps, washing machine require service.
Front Load Washing Machine: Spin issue

•  Check the machine in empty condition - Please run spin mode in empty condition.


•  Water temperature is HOT - “HOT” notification is displayed when water temp exceeds more than 55°C. In this case, machine will not drain the water and spinning will not be done. 


•   Drain pipe placement - If drain pipe is bending or not hang to the proper height then this problem occurs.




•  Debris filter choked - If debris filter is choked then water will not drain and spinning will not work.


Steps to Clean Debris filter 

1 Open the debris filter

•   Open the filter access cover located on the lower corner on the front of the washer.

2 Draining the drain hose


•  Now, find the drain hose and remove the cap.




•  Be sure to hold the hose tip upright until you have a bowl or container in place.



•  Depending how much water was left in the washer, you may have to drain upto 12 gallons of water.


3 Remove the debris filter

• After draining is complete, replace the cap and put the drain hose back in its place. 



• Now, remove the debris filter by turning counter-clockwise unscrew the debris filter.

4 Check and clean the debris filter of any obstructions. Also, check the drain pump propeller behind the debris filter and make sure it is clear as well.

•  Once you are finished, screw the debris filter back into place by turning it clockwise. Run a load of laundry to check for any leaks.


•  Finally,replace the filter access cover.


Note : To ensure your washer is working properly clean the debris filter every 2 to 4 weeks. 


  • If the issue is not solved by above mentioned steps, washing machine require service.

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