Samsung Washing Machine : How to use Air wash system?

Last Update date : Nov 16. 2022

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What is Air Wash?

The AirWash system removes unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria and microbes with blown hot air. Not only will you not need detergent or chemicals to wash, you can reduce the frequency of sending your clothes for dry cleaning.

What is 'Air wash' function in a Samsung Washing Machine?

Steps to select Air Wash course:

1 Open the door, place the laundry into the washing machine and close the door.
2 Press the Power button.
3 Select Air Wash by turning the Cycle Selector.
What is 'Air wash' function in a Samsung Washing Machine?

When one of these options has been selected, no other button can be selected and you can only select the delay end time from between 3:00 – 19:00.

4 Close the door and press the Start/Pause button.

● When there is water in the tub, Air Wash cannot be worked. Drain the water and select Air Wash.

● Press the Start/Pause or Power button to remove the laundry.

● Fragrance or dryer sheets can be used with Air Wash programs to add fragrance to your refreshed laundry (one sheet per one or two items).

Note: Avoid Air Wash for the following clothes:

● Sensitive clothes made of leather, mink, fur, silk, etc.

● Underwear trimmed with lace, ‘glued’ doll cushions, and dress suits may have their decorations loosened.

● Clothes trimmed with buttons can cause them to break.

 Starchy clothes can become deformed.

● Hard bedding such as a wooden pillows (neck-rest)

● Pillows or blankets filled with plastic or starch rather than cotton

● Electric blankets

● Furry blankets

● Bulky blankets

● Latex pillow

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