How to pair my Galaxy Buds+ to multiple devices?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Pair your Galaxy Buds+ in one seamless step to compatible devices on your Samsung Cloud account. No need to disconnect, Bluetooth connectivity shifts easily from your phone to your tablet or other Samsung devices. Follow the below guide to learn how to easily switch bswitch between devices using the Media and devices feature.

1 Ensure you have Pair a device with the Galaxy Wearable app paired your Galaxy Buds+ to at least one compatible Galaxy device. Any other device that you would like to seamlessly switch between will need to have signed into the same Samsung Account as the current paired Galaxy phone.
Swipe down on the screen to access your Quick Settings and tap on Media
2 Tap on Done
Tap on Done
3 Allow the pop-up permissions
Select Allow
4 Select the Galaxy Buds+ to start listening from that Galaxy device
Tap on Galaxy Buds+
5 Once the two devices are connected, you will be able to control and listen to audio directly from the Galaxy Buds+
Once connected you will be able to listen to music directy from your Galaxy buds+

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