Samsung mobile: Slow Charging Issue

Last Update date : Sep 17. 2020



1) The content is only for devices purchased from India.


2) Images and steps may vary depending on Operating system.

Use original charger

It is advised to use genuine Samsung Charger for charging the mobile. 


Physical condition of USB cable

Check your USB charging cable for physical damage such as wear and tear, bent prongs etc. If it is damaged then kindly visit your nearest service center to get it replaced. 


Use a different charger

1) Check by charging your device with any other charger.

If your device is charging with other charger, then please visit nearest service center for physical inspection of charger.


2) Check the same charger with other device.

If other device is getting charged with the same charger, then there might be some issue with the charging jack. Kindly visit service center for physical inspection of your device. 


Standard Charging Procedure

Kindly charge your device in switch off mode for minimum of 10 minutes.


Turn off un-used options

Drag the notification panel and turn off Wi-fi, GPS and other other connectivity options when they are not in use. 

Slow charging issue
Close background running apps

Close applications when they are not in use by using the recent application button.

Slow charging issue
Use of mobile phone while charging

It is advised not to use device while charging as it may result in slow charging. 


Safe Mode

Please follow below steps to boot the device in Safe Mode:- 

1 Power off the device.
2 Now turn on your device by pressing the Power key . When Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume down key.

If your device functions correctly in Safe Mode, it is most likely that the issue lies with a 3rd party application that can be uninstalled to resolve the problem.

Note:- There are 3 different ways to exit Safe Mode:-

Hold Volume Down and Power key for at least 5 seconds to force the device to restart. 


Hold Power key and tap on Restart.


Drag the Notification panel. Select the notification Safe Mode is on and tap Turn Off on the prompt to restart the device.


Software Update

Kindly check by updating device software (if available). 


Reset device

Please check post  resetting your device.

Note:- If issue still persists , then visit Samsung authorized service center


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