Vaccum Cleaner POWERbot VR5000RM with 0.2 Litres , Wi-Fi Control


  • Clean & mop together
  • 150 minutes* cleaning
  • Slim-line design


အရောင် :

Clean & mop together

2 IN 1 Vacuuming and Mopping Cleaning System

Save time and effort by cleaning and mopping at once! The 2 IN 1 Vacuuming and Mopping Cleaning System captures dust and dirt and mops the floor to clean effectively. The water tank detects if a mop pad is attached and automatically switches on the mopping and adjusts the amount of water.

The VR5000RM robot vacuum removes debris such as dirt and dust as well as stains with its wet mopping feature in a single go. The VR5000RM robot vacuum removes debris such as dirt and dust as well as stains with its wet mopping feature in a single go.

150 minutes* cleaning

Long-lasting Battery

Enjoy a long cleaning time without recharging. A longer-lasting, high-capacity 3400mAh battery maintains suction for up to 150 minutes*. So you can clean a large area from corner to corner without the need for additional charging*.

* Based on internal testing in an area with furniture arranged in a similar way to a real home setting, using Eco mode.

Slim-line design

Slim Design

Capture dirt and dust in even the most hard-to-reach places. It has a slim body without compromising its powerful suction. It is only 85mm high, which means it can easily slide underneath furniture and beds and get into awkward low areas. So your house is always cleaned thoroughly.

Easy remote control

Wi-Fi Control

Control the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere, even if you’re away from home, using its integrated Wi-Fi Control and a smartphone App*. With a simple touch you can quickly start or stop it, set multiple cleaning schedules, adjust the suction power and control the mopping and water flow speed.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.

Easy to empty bin

EZ Empty Dustbin

Dispose of collected dust easily and hygienically with one touch. The EZ Empty Dustbin can be emptied without spilling dust or getting your hands dirty. You can open it with the push of a button, tip out the contents and then slide it back. And you can keep it clean with a quick rinse in water.

Smart, safe cleaning

Smart Sensing System

Make sure your home gets cleaned safely. The Smart Sensing System includes a Gyro sensor that controls its movement, while an Anti-collision sensor reduces the speed to gently clean in corners. A Bumper sensor also safeguards your furniture and an Anti-drop sensor stops it dropping off steps.

Choose how to clean

Many Cleaning Modes

Choose the best way to clean in various situations using many cleaning modes*.It has 4 styles of cleaning,including Zig-zag Mode,Auto Mode(Random Mode),Edge Mode and Spot Mode.A Scheduling Mode also lets you set-up multiple schedules,so it automatically starts cleaning at the selected time each day.

* These functions are only available Via Smartphone App


  • Max Consumption Power (SET) 55 W
  • Dustbin Capacity 0.2 ℓ
  • Set Dimension (WxHxD) 340x85x340 mm
  • Set Weight 3 kg


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