More Wow than ever
The latest Samsung Neo QLED TV 2023 is floating on top of a water-like surface.
17 years global No.1 tv. Samsung is ranked No.1 TV brand for 17 years.

Samsung Neo QLED drives excellence to new heights with unrivaled picture and sound quality that’s in a different class of its own

Global No.1 TV Source: Omdia, Jan 2023. Results are not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk.

Neo QLED Picture Quality

True-to-life picture that draws you in

Quantum Matrix Technology

Enjoy great details in both the darkest and brightest scenes. Quantum Matrix Technology is at the root of Neo QLED’s brilliant picture that uses innovative Quantum Mini LEDs (1/40th the size of normal LEDs) to deliver more precise light control.1

Quantum Mini LEDs create an image of a horse. There is a comparison of 2 horses. One is created with conventional lights and the other on a Neo QLED TV. A lifelike horse slowly moves and a Neural Quantum Processor chip slowly shows itself.

Neural Quantum Processor

Improve and optimise your content with brilliant AI Upscaling that automatically learns scene-by-scene. Samsung's unique multi-intelligent processor drives the Neo QLED to deliver the best viewing experience, no matter what you're watching.2

Neural Quantum Processor is processing images of a baseball game. A baseball player is swinging his bat to hit the ball.

Neo QLED Sound

Cinematic surround sound
at home

Dolby Atmos®
& Object Tracking Sound

Immerse yourself deeper into next-level Dolby Atmos® experience with Samsung’s OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology. OTS captures every scene with audio that tracks every motion, so it feels like you’re watching from a movie theater.

A man in living room is enjoying Neo QLED's immersive sound of a race car competition like he would in the cinema.


Experience powerful audio quality from a complete synergy between TV and soundbar. While speakers from most TVs are muted when soundbar is on, Samsung’s Q-Symphony allows its compatible TVs and soundbars to play sound at the same time in sync to create a more immersive surround sound.3

Sound initially only comes out from Soundbar when Q-Symphony is off, but sound synergizes with TV once Q-Symphony is on.

Neo QLED Design

Classy look from any angle
to enhance your space

The latest Samsung Neo QLED does a 360 degrees turn to show all sides.

  • Infinity One Design
  • Infinity Screen
  • Round-shaped Speakers
  • A Neo QLED TV is displayed with the Attachable Slim One Connect being attached to it on the back.

    Attachable Slim
    One Connect
  • The latest Samsung Neo QLED TV displaying nature on the screen placed in a living room.

Neo QLED Smart TV

Brand new ways to make your everyday life smarter
  • Smart Hub

    Discover your favourite content in one place, so you spend less time searching and more time streaming movies, games and shows you love.4

    A Neo QLED TV is displaying Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, on the screen. A family of 3 are watching TV together.
    A Neo QLED TV is displaying Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, on the screen.

    A Neo QLED TV is displaying Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, on the screen.

    A Neo QLED TV is displaying Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, on the screen. A family of 3 are watching TV together.

  • SmartThings

    Relax and let SmartThings seamlessly connect to, monitor and control all your smart home devices around your screen. With a built-in IoT hub, you can now fully enjoy enhanced connectivity without additional devices.5

    Wifi icon is hovering on top of SmartThings UI. SmartThings is controlling lamp, vacuum cleaner, A/C and washing machine.
  • Bixby Voice Assistant

    All you need to do is to talk into your SolarCell Remote.7 Use these voice assistants to search for shows, open apps and more.6

    The mic icon is emphasized on the SolarCell Remote.
    A man is talking into the remote saying 'Show me action movies.'

Choose your


  • Category

  • Screen Size

  • Resolution

  • Contrast

  • Processor

  • HDR

  • Gaming motion

  • Dolby Atmos®

  • Object Tracking Sound

  • Design

  • Smart TV

Accessories better
together with

  • The latest Samsung Neo QLED TV hangs on the wall and rotates horizontally and vertically with the Auto Rotating Wall Mount.

    Auto Rotating Wall Mount9,10
  • Studio Stand9
  • SlimFit Cam10

Global No.1 TV : Source-Omdia, Jan 2022. Results are not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk.

Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Appearance and design specifications which are not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice.

  1. The normal LEDs indicated above is based on Samsung's own LED products.
  2. Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.
  3. Q-Symphony: Check for Q-Symphony compatibility on soundbar product specifications. Soundbar sold separately.
  4. Smart Hub: Content services and recommendation may vary by regions. Agreement of the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required before use. Some services are available to watch after registration and subscription. Requires Samsung account. UI is subject to change without prior notice.
    • a. You will need a Samsung Account to access the full range of smart features available through your device, including network-based smart services, applications such as games and streaming services, smart home functionality, and many more.
    • b. If you choose not to log-in to your device with your Samsung Account, you will only be able to connect to terrestrial TV(applicable to devices with tuners only) and external devices, e.g. via HDMI. If you do not already have a Samsung Account, you can easily create one here: - it is free to sign up! Terms and Conditions apply.
  5. SmartThings: Available technology, functions and features may vary by country, service provider, network environment or product, and are subject to change without notice. Requires a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless network connection and login to Samsung account. Connected devices are sold separately. Use of calm technology requires agreement from both SmartThings privacy notice and auto registered device. UI is subject to change without prior notice.
  6. Bixby Voice Assistant: Samsung may change/suspend/cease providing part or all voice assistant services at any time in its sole discretion without prior warning or notice. Content, TV services and capabilities pictured may not be available in all regions and territories. Requires Samsung account.
    Bixby voice commands recognize English (US/UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognized.
    Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  7. To charge the remote with solar energy, set the TV remote down with the solar panel facing up.
  8. Accessories sold separately.
  9. Auto Rotating Wall Mount can be installed on specified compatible models only. Check for the compatibility on Auto Rotating Wall Mount specifications.