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You can access our Education Store if you are a current or newly accepted student or employee of an eligible, accredited educational institution in New Zealand (such as a school, university or polytech) and hold a valid education email address as well as a Samsung Account1 .

Here you can find a range of our products including phones, tablets, wearables, monitors, televisions, SSDs and more. These products have a special education discount2 applied to help build your Samsung workspace. Follow the below steps to start shopping now and take advantage of our free delivery.

1. Sign-up and verification is required.
2. Terms and conditions apply.

How it works

  • Register
    If you do not have a Samsung Account you can sign up here . Please make sure you are signed into a Samsung account prior to registering your education details.

  • Validate
    Once you're signed in to your Samsung account,
    access the Education Store .
    You'll be asked to enter a valid education email address,
    i.e emails ending in
    A verification link will be sent to the provided email address.

  • Shop
    Access the Education Store upon successful verification.

Why register

We’ll make your education experience easier by gearing you with the latest premium Samsung products to ensure you stay connected and get maximum productivity from your workspace. We’ll help you ace your finals with our powerful and portable Android tablets, and allow seamless back-up and transfer of your important files with our selection of storage devices. We have all the accessories you need to keep your electronics charged and ready to go, and a complete selection of mobile phones and smartwatches for staying connected and on top of all deadlines. Discover our latest devices designed to inspire students and educators by registering today.

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