[Design Story] Creating a Vacuum Cleaner That Cares: The Samsung Jet Bot AI+

From voice assistants that tell us the time and weather to automated cleaning units, robotics and AI technologies have already become a major part of everyday life. However, because our experiences with these technologies don’t always line up with our expectations, it may seem like we still have a way to go before AI and robotics become truly seamless.

Samsung Electronics’ designers envision a future in which robots are made to resemble, understand and care for users. Their approach to design is based on fostering natural interactions between technologies and users, rather than simply innovating for innovation’s sake.

The Jet Bot AI+* was designed with this approach in mind. The designers’ vision for a robot vacuum cleaner was one that could analyze users’ natural behaviors in order to provide a cleaning experience that catered to their daily lives and living spaces. The goal was to equip the device with a friendly personality that connected with people, as well as the ability to analyze situations and offer both pets and users their attention. A robot vacuum cleaner that was designed to resemble humans, the Jet Bot AI+* offers a more complete cleaning experience by carefully considering users’ needs.