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How to Shoot Cinematic
Travel Videos: 3 tips to make the
most of your Galaxy phones

Nothing can have you reminiscing about your vacation like a well-captured travel photo or video.
The perfect cinematic shots capture all the action and emotions, allowing you to relive your
amazing trip over and over again. Mastering the art of cinematography is not as complicated as you think.
In fact, we’ve got some tips on how you can create cinematic shots entirely on your Galaxy smartphone!

Learn to shoot cinematic travel footages in this video:

How to slow down the action with Slow Motion:

First, launch the Camera app.
Then, tap Slow Motion and you’re all set. It’s that simple.

How to capture pro-looking shots with Pro Video Mode:

Begin by launching the Camera app.
Tap MORE next to the shutter button to find the Pro Video option.
Manually adjust settings like Wide Angles, Focus and shutter speeds.
You may even tweak the colour and exposure of your videos with White Balance and ISO.

When you’re all good, press record and start filming your masterpiece!

Check out those moves

Creative camera movements can make every travel photo or video more interesting.
Enhance the action of your next travel video with these simple handheld camera moves–no gimbal required!

And there you have it, some tips you can experiment with to achieve a cinematic travel shot. Now, get your camera rolling!