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Be Your Best Self with these Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 21. 2021

The New Year brings a sense of hope and opportunity for a fresh start. For many of us, this is the time to reflect on how we can become better versions of ourselves – whether in our career, health, personal development, or social lives.


Setting New Year’s Resolutions can be a good exercise towards creating a purpose-filled year ahead. They don’t always need to be weighty goals, such as getting a master’s degree or running your first marathon. These could simply be about being more present with loved ones, or taking the time to be healthier or more productive.


With Samsung’s diverse range of products – from the Galaxy Watch 4 with advanced health tracking features, to the Neo QLED for family fun – you can equip yourself with the right tools to help you stay on track towards your goals, and more importantly, make the most out of the moments that matter the most.


Read on to learn how Samsung can help you make the most out of the year ahead with resolutions that are simple yet meaningful! 

Spend quality time with the people that matter

With restrictions around social gatherings expected to ease, many of us are excited to reconnect with family and friends over outings and gatherings,


For those who miss hosting gatherings at home, make up for lost time by catching up over a few rounds of your favourite multiplayer Xbox or PlayStation games, on the cutting-edge display of the QN90A Neo QLED. With 4K gaming at a silky-smooth 120 frames per second with variable refresh rate, and auto low latency mode, the Neo QLED sets the stage for hours of exhilarating fun! 

If you’re excited about making up for lost time with friends and family over outings, capture the best moments with the Galaxy Z Flip 3!


For the aspiring social media stars, the Galaxy Z Flip3 provides the convenience and flexibility of taking hands-free selfies and videos. Whether you’re filming the latest TikTok dance or just taking a group selfie with friends while hiking, the Galaxy Z Flip3 has got you covered as it can stand on its own without additional props.


Staying in the pink of health

Most of us would include some form of health or fitness-related goal in our list of resolutions. After all, health underpins our overall happiness and quality of life.


With the advanced tracking features on the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, which supports more than 90 exercises, you have an accurate and holistic view of your fitness progress over the months, letting you keep track of your progress and set realistic, and achievable goals – whether it’s a new personal best on the squat rack in the gym, or working towards a 5km run. 

Of course, health isn’t just about being physically fit. Being able to access vital health data helps us affirm that we are reaping the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating. To this end, the Galaxy Watch4 takes remote health data to the next level, featuring a ground-breaking BioActive Sensor that reads blood pressure¹ ², blood oxygen level³, ECG levels⁴ and for the first time, calculates body composition⁵. These are crucial data that give us a better understanding of the overall state of our health.

Resolution theme #3: Self-improvement and productivity

Productivity will always be a priority at school and at work, whether we’re working remotely or physically present in an office or school. Regardless of your productivity goals, Samsung’s Smart Monitor promises something for everyone.


Fire up Samsung DeX⁶ and connect your smartphone to your monitor to experience full mobile productivity – without a laptop in sight! Imagine coming across an interesting tutorial while taking the train on the way to school, and seamlessly resuming the lesson on the big screen.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the perfect companion for those of us who are looking to be more productive at work by embracing the “work from anywhere” philosophy.


A mobile-working powerhouse, the Galaxy Fold3 features the Multi-Active Window⁷, which unlocks next-level multi-tasking you never knew was possible in a smartphone – allowing you to open three apps simultaneously on a large 7.6-inch display.

Actualising your resolutions

Regardless of whether you’re able to fully commit to the New Years’ Resolutions you set out at the start of the year, setting those goals and making a consistent effort to meeting them is half the battle won. 


Samsung’s extensive suite of devices are designed to let you focus on the things that matter so you can bring out the best in yourself, whether for work or for play! 

¹   The Blood Pressure feature is only available in select markets. To ensure accuracy, users should calibrate their device every four weeks with a traditional blood pressure cuff. The BP app cannot diagnose hypertension, other conditions, or check for signs of a heart attack. This app can only be used for measuring in ages 22 and over. It is not meant to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional.


²  Requires Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with Android 7 or later, and Samsung Health Monitor app which is available only at the Samsung Galaxy app store. Due to country restrictions in acquiring approval/registration as a medical device, Samsung Health Monitor app only works on watches and smartphones purchased in the countries where service is currently available.


³  The Blood Oxygen (SpO2) feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Availability of this feature may vary by market.


⁴  The ECG feature is only available in select markets. The ECG app is not intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment. The ECG app is not intended for users with known arrhythmias other than atrial fibrillation or users under 22 years old. Users should not interpret or take clinical action based on the device output without consultation of a qualified healthcare professional..


⁵  Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical condition or disease. The measurements are for the user’s personal reference only. Please consult a medical professional for advice. Do not measure your body composition if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices. Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant. Measurement results may not be accurate if you are under 20 years old. Availability of this feature may vary by market.


⁶  Wireless connection to DeX only available on Galaxy Note20 series, TabS7 series, and Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, sold separately.


⁷  Certain applications may not support Multi Active Window.