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Level Up Your Gaming Experience with Samsung’s Latest TV Line-Up

Dec 09. 2021

4K games designed for next-gen gaming consoles and PCs have become a norm in 2021, delivering a quantum leap in immersive experiences for hardcore and everyday gamers alike. Today, the best way to truly appreciate a 4K gaming experience is with a TV that combines cutting-edge software and hardware to express the games’ visuals and sounds, exactly as the creator had intended.


A CES Innovation Awards Honoree for innovation for its gaming TVs since 2018, Samsung has been at the forefront in producing TVs that give competitive gamers the winning edge in performance, and casual gamers an unforgettable immersive gaming experience.


This year, Samsung Neo QLED is excited to be official technology partner for the Global Esports Games in Singapore – the flagship event of the Global Esports Federation and one of the most prestigious global gaming tournaments.


At the games, we’ll be showcasing our award-winning gaming displays, most notably the flagship Neo QLED QN90 TV, one of our best TVs for gaming performance. But did you know that beyond our flagship gaming TVs, Samsung also offers an entire range of TVs equipped with special features to enhance the gaming experience?


Whether you’re a competitive gamer who spends hours on Call of Duty: Vanguard, or a car enthusiast exploring the four seasons on Forza Horizon 5, read on to find out more about how you can level up your gaming experience with Samsung’s gaming TVs.


An optimised gaming experience for all

Regardless of which Samsung gaming TV you decide to purchase – whether it’s the flagship QN90A Neo QLED, the Q70A QLED, or the more accessible Crystal UHD AU9000. 



For starters, all our gaming TVs are equipped with the latest HDMI 2.1, allowing for higher refresh rates and because of this, more bandwidth. Once plugged in, Super Ultrawide GameView enables bigger and wider screens with 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios¹ that allow you to see more viewing area – letting you capture details in the periphery you might have missed.



In addition, our gaming TVs allow gamers to customise their gaming experiences, with the Game Bar enabling easy control of screen ratio adjustment, input lag check, Frames-Per-Second (FPS) rate and more.



Meanwhile, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) optimises your screen, giving you more control with barely noticeable input lag so that you can experience smooth gaming in its most impressive form minimising motion blur!



Lastly, Motion Xcelerator Turbo enables smoother motions and clearer images even at soaring speeds, with exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 120Hz².

With so many awesome features for gamers, you might be spoilt for choice with our wide range of gaming TVs – so here’s a quick guide to picking the best gaming TV to suit your gaming needs!


(1)    For gaming purists seeking the ultimate gaming experience: Neo QLED QN90A

The cream of the crop within our range of gaming TVs, the QN90A Neo QLED is equipped with industry-leading Quantum Matrix Technology – the pinnacle of ultra-fine light control. This technology precisely controls the Mini LEDs that produces the colours on screen, letting you enjoy great detail in all gaming scenes – even when your character is in a pitch-dark cave crawling with creatures!


Speaking of colours, did you know that the human eye can see 10 million different colours? The Quantum HDR 32x feature on the QN90A Neo QLED lets you appreciate a more diverse range of colours than normal displays without HDR features, with spectacular contrast – just as the director intended³!





Additionally, the QN90A Neo QLED is one of the first TVs to offer support for AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro Technology⁴. The technology enables a true HDR gaming experience, delivering a combination of smooth tear- and stutter-free gaming at peak performance with stunning HDR visual fidelity and low latency.





Round off the immersive experience with Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), comprising built-in speakers which produce dynamic sound that tracks the action from all corners for a whole new level of 3D sound realism. 


(2)   For avid gamers seeking a more accessible gaming TV option: Q70A QLED


If you’re an avid gamer looking to enjoy the cutting-edge features of the QN90A at a more accessible price point, the Q70A QLED is the one for you. 

Despite its lower price point, the QLED Q70A still comes equipped with many of the features on the flagship QN90A Neo QLED, including Motion Xcelerator Turbo+. With exceptional motion enhancements of up to 4K quality and 120Hz refresh rates, the QLED Q70A lets players enjoy ultra-smooth gameplay minimising lag and motion blur.


Other features it shares with the flagship QN90A Neo QLED include the Quantum Processor 4K, a powerful processor that optimises picture quality to enhance content, and FreeSync Premium Pro.


(3)   For casual gamers seeking a top-notch gaming experience: Crystal UHD AU9000

If gaming is more of a casual or social pastime for you – perhaps you enjoy a round of FIFA 22 with friends and family on a lazy Saturday afternoon – consider the Crystal UHD AU9000 TV!

Despite being the most accessible model of the bunch, the Crystal UHD AU9000 packs a punch nevertheless, with features similar to the cutting-edge innovations found in flagship models.

For starters, the TV is powered by a Crystal Processor 4K chip, which meticulously analyses low-resolution videos scene-by-scene, adjusts colours, and enhances contrast and HDR.

Meanwhile, similar to the OTS+ feature found in flagship models, Object Tracking Sound (OTS) lite on the AU9000 delivers 3D surround sound enabled by two virtual top channel speakers created through Samsung’s AI algorithms.
As an added bonus, Multi View lets you watch what's on multiple channels at the same time – perfect for when you’re sneaking in a game or two of FIFA22 during half-time of a blockbuster soccer  match!

To find out more about our wide range of gaming TVs, check out this link here.


¹Super UltraWide GameView is available for ultra wide supported games and PC games only. Some game titles may not support or be limited in the use of this function. Screen resolution change from external device may be required.


²Motion Xcelerator Turbo available on the AU9000 Crystal UHD; Motion Accelerator Turbo + on QN90A Neo QLED, Q70A QLED.


³The range of Quantum HDR luminance is based on internal testing standards and subject to change.

according to viewing conditions or specifications.


⁴AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro Technology is available on QN90A 50” and all other QLED models 55” and larger.