What is usable capacity for a fridge?

Samsung fridges have been updated to be compliant with the upcoming New Zealand’s Regulations to include new MEPS and MEPL requirements for household refrigerating appliances.

This has not yet come into effect however manufactures and retailers are encouraged to start taking the steps required to comply before this has been finalised.

Under the new testing requirements, the measured volume is the usable and accessible space of the appliance’s compartments and excludes hidden inaccessible spaces, such as volumes inside air duct work.

This new measurement is based on actual usable capacity rather than “general storage” and takes into consideration number of shelves, removable partitions, containers, ice makers, interior light units and other things that may impact usable space. The newly defined volume in most cases will be smaller than previous gross volumes measured using the previous Australian/New Zealand methodology, which included some space that consumers could not see or access.

For example, under the previous standards while a fridge claimed a total volume of 600 litres, consumers may find that under the new measurement method the same appliance may appear to be 5% to 15% smaller (i.e. in the range 510 litres to 570 litres). However, any difference in claimed volume will be dependent on the specific design characteristics of each model.

This is great news for consumers because it gives a clearer indication of how much storage is available for use to store food and beverages inside the fridge and freezer, making it easier to find the perfect fridge for their home.

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