What is Samsung Health

Last Update date : Aug 05. 2022

Your phone or watch can be your best workout partner thanks to Samsung Health, an app that lets you track your exercise and eating habits. Learn more about this app below.

Samsung Health icon and main screen over photos of people sleeping and doing exercise.

Samsung Health records and manages your activities and sleep patterns so you can create healthy habits. You can also record and manage your diet information and health conditions such as heart rate and stress.

Exercising with a group is more enjoyable than exercising alone. In Together, the Samsung Health community, you can create monthly step or fitness challenges with friends and acquaintances to keep each other motivated.

In addition, you can use Together to communicate with users around the world to support each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Please note: Together is provided only for Samsung Health's fitness and wellness community, and is not used for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases or other conditions.

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