Battery Care
& Maintenance

Learn about proper battery use and care to ensure
their safety and efficiency.

Optimal Battery

Usage Environment

The optimal usage temperature for the Galaxy is 0°- 35°C.

Continuous use or charging in extreme temperatures may accelerate battery deterioration.

Temporary exposure to extreme temperatures will activate the device’s safeguards to minimise the battery performance issues,

and charging will be limited to protect the battery if the temperature goes outside of a certain range.

Prevent Unexpected


  • Temperature iconUse the device at an optimal usage temperature (0°- 35°C).
    Extended use or storage at temperatures above 35°C or below 0°C will exacerbate battery performance

    and may lead to unexpected shutdowns and shorter battery life.

    If you expose your device to temperature extremes, let the device adjust to the optimal usage temperature (0°- 35°C) before use.

    Do not use or place your device in hot environments, like a hot car on a summer day, for extended periods of time

    Do not place or store your device in cold environments, like below-zero temperatures during wintertime.
  • Map iconIf you’re experiencing frequent shutdowns, visit your nearest service Samsung Support Centre for advice.
    It may be