Abnormal noise is coming from the refrigerator

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2021

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The reason for some noises are different depending on each symptom. Some of the noises can include:

Beeping Sound

Beeping sounds is a warning that the fridge door has been left open. This may be caused by an object preventing the door from closing or a build-up on the fridge seals

Blowing and Whistling Sounds

The fridge has a fan which is located at the back of it and will make a blowing or whistling sound when in operation. When the fridge has reached a set temperature, no fan sound will occur.

Bubbling Sound

The bubbling sound you may hear is normal. It is caused by the refrigerant gas moving through the pipes in your refrigerator as the refrigerator cools or freezes your food.

Buzzing or Humming Sound

When the compressor starts or ends an operation, the fridge may make buzzing or humming sounds. As the operation stabilizes, the sounds will decrease. For ice maker models, when the water valve opens to fill the ice maker, buzzing sounds may occur.
This noise should not last longer than 7 seconds.

Hissing Sound

During a defrost cycle, water may drip on the defrost heater, causing a sizzling sound. You may also want to check the contents of your fridge to see if there is anything that could cause a hissing sound.

Loud Banging Sound

Normally these sounds are produced by ice dropping into the ice bucket. You can try turning off your ice maker for a couple of days and that should give you a definitive answer as to if the noises are coming from your ice maker.

Rattling Sound

If your fridge seems to be vibrating or making rattling sounds, it could be caused by your fridge coming in contact with another object or the contents within your fridge coming in contact each other. In this instance, please ensure that your fridge has enough room surrounding it and that it is level.

Snapping and Popping Sound

As the temperature in your fridge increases or decreases, plastic parts contract and expand, creating snapping or popping noises. These noises occur during the defrosting cycle or when electronic parts are working. The snapping noise can be heard about 4 seconds after removing a glass from a dispenser, as this is the sound of the dispenser chute closing.

Ticking Sound

A ticking noise is common with frost free fridges. It is part of the defrost cycle and is just the parts of the fridge very slowly expanding and contracting.

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