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Last Update date : Jul 21. 2022

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You can add or take out laundry items even after the wash cycle has started. For Samsung washing machines that have the AddWash function, when the AddWash indicator turns on, you can stop the machine and put additional laundry or softener into the drum. You can also take items out.



  • Do not open the Add Door if suds have formed inside the durm that rise about the level of the Add Door.
  • Do not atempt to open the Add Door while the machine is operating without first pressing Start/Pause, Please note that the Add Door can be opened unintentionally (without pressing Start/Pause) when the wash is complete. 
  • Do not add an exsessive load through the Add Door. Performance may be degreaded.
  • Do not use the lower area of the Add Door as a handle. Your fingers may get caught. 
  • Make sure that no laundry is caught in the Add Door.
  • Keep your pets out of the washing machine, especially the Add Door.
  • When using hot water for the wash, the Add door seems to leak water after opening and closing the Add Door. This is normal, simply because steam emerging from the open Add Door has cooled and formed water drops on the surface.
  • When the Add Door closes, the door seals up and no water can leak. However, you may encounter what appears to be water leak around the door - some residual water remaining around the Add Door may form water drops. This is normal.
  • Neither the main door and the Add Door can be opened when the water temperature is over 50 degrees Celcius. If the water level inside the drum is over a certain point, the main door can not be opened.
  • If an information code of DDC appears on the display, see "Informations codes" in the usermanual section for further actions

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