Setting up washing machine; Removing the shipping bolts

Last Update date : Aug 10. 2022

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Samsung Front-loader washing machines uses a suspension system to support the washtub while it agitates and spins, However the system isn't designed to withstand the strain of moving. The shipping bolts keep the tub secure during a move and reduce the amount of vibration that could cause damage to the suspension.

Before installing the washing machine, it is required that you remove all shipping bolts from the back of the unit. If this has not been done prior to using the machine, the suspension inside of the washing machine will not be able to work.


For steps on how to remove the shipping bolts, see below: 

1 Loosen all of the bolts with the supplied wrench.
2 Hold the bolt with the spanner and pull it through the wide section of the hole. Repeat for each bolt.
3 Fill the holes with the supplied plastic covers.
4 Store the shipping bolts away safely in case you need to move the washing machine in the future.

Packaging materials can be dangerous to children. Dispose all packaging material (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) out of children’s reach.

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