Debris filter Cleaning for Washing Machines

Last Update date : Jul 21. 2022

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The debris filter should be cleaned periodically, approximately every 30-40 loads, or 2-3 months. Cleaning the filter can also potentially help improve cleaning performance and help prevent odors.



  • Before cleaning the debris filter, make sure to unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet.
  • Do not disassemble the debris filter while the machine is running as hot water may flow out.
  • If foreign substances accumulate at the debris filter, the performance of Eco Bubble function will bedegraded.

For Steps on How to clean the Debris Filter see below:

1 Prepare a bowl.

Note: The remaining water may be more than you expected. Use a large bowl.

2 Open the filter cover(A) by using a coin or key.
3 Pick the emergency draining tube(B) out.
4 Open the emergency drain cap(C) by pulling it. Allow all the water to flow into a bowl. Hold the cap at the end of the emergency draining tube(B) and slowly pull it out.
5 Prepare a dry cloth.
6 Unscrew the debris filter cap(D) by turning it to the left.
7 Wash any dirt or other material from the debris filter. Make sure the drain pump propeller behind the debris filter is not blocked.
8 Replace the debris filter cap tightly.
9 Reinsert the emergency drain cap and drain tube.
10 Make sure to replace the debris filter and emergency drain cap after cleaning it. If they is not reinserted into the machine, your washing machine may malfunction or water may leak.
11 Close the filter cover.

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