Microwave Oven's 'Turntable' is not spinning

Last Update date : Nov 26. 2021

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The turntable in your microwave is designed to turn while cooking an item. The continuous rotation generally assists the microwave in providing more even heating of your food. When it's not rotating correctly, there's often a grinding noise as well.  A dirty track or roller ring can also cause it to get stuck. Finally, make sure it's positioned correctly so it can work.


Try the following methods to fix the problem:

- Inspect the turntable base wheels and Roller Ring as they may require cleaning.

- Verify the center of the turntable has a coupler that connects to the motor. If this is not positioned correctly the turntable will not spin, and will usually make a lot of noise.


To Clean:  

- Remove the turntable and roller wheel and clean with warm soapy water.

- Clean the bottom of the microwave and roller track.

- Dry all parts thoroughly and reassemble.


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